By Megan Barry
In a recent Evergage whitepaper, we made a comparison between real-time marketing and a decades-old example of good business – the neighborhood shopkeeper. The analogy is simple. The shopkeeper has two goals in mind when a customer enters the store: first, he wants to understand her immediate need... Continue Reading
By Ritika Puri
Let’s be honest. Traffic acquisition is tough. It’s easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel -- you’re running as fast as you can, trying to find the right marketing channels to target the right audiences at the right time. With hundreds of resources at your disposal, you sometimes feel like you’re... Continue Reading
By Sam Hajj
Hello, and welcome to week three of Real-Time Tuesday! Last week we discussed “Retaining Visitors.” This week, we will take a look at how you can increase interaction online with your visitors, and why this is so important. We will also provide you examples of how Evergage and Percussion Software... Continue Reading
By Karl Wirth
Creating engaging, fresh content to target prospective students who visit your college website takes a lot of work. In order to get those students to your website, you also need to optimize your content for search engines and social media, and then you can only hope that your carefully crafted... Continue Reading
By Karl Wirth
Content marketing has emerged as a critical strategy for many online businesses, as companies look to fill the consumer education gap left behind as magazines and trade publications have declined. In fact, in 2014 content marketing is expected to be a top 5 investment for Fortune 1000 companies.... Continue Reading