Leveraging Real-Time Visitor Conversion for Ecommerce


Understand Your Visitor’s Relationship, Persona and Intent

These identifiers offer you a sharper and more actionable view of your customer.


Connect Visitors With What They’re Looking For

Leveraging data about web site visitors will let you offer up a customized landing page.


Boost Website Conversions and Increase Revenue

Converting a visitor to a customer is directly linked to the relevance of content displayed to them on your site.


Engage Anonymous Visitors

Increase first time visiter engagement through personalization that includes relevant content based off of visitor persona and visitor intent.

  • Referring Site
  • Content Viewed
  • Geo Location
  • Time on Site
  • Product of Interest
  • Frequency of Visits
  • Shopping Cart Details
  • Shopping Cart Engagement
  • Email Capture
  • Incentive/Offer
  • Conversion Factors
  • Returning Visitors
  • Purchase History

Understand Visitor Intent

Gain insights based on who your visitor is and what they are looking for.

Add Value

Tailor the digital experience with relevancy and personalization to help them achieve their goal.

Drive Revenue

Create urgency in an abandoned cart reminder with a discount or free shipping offer to increase shopping cart conversions and decrease abandonment.

Build a Relationship

Utilize behavioral data captured on your visitors and optimize your site for repeat visitors.

Point-and-Click Setup

The Evergage Visual Editor makes it easy to create and automate relevant user experiences in minutes – without the need for IT.