Modules & Features

Built for the modern marketer, Evergage’s award-winning features enable real-time personalization and individualized recommendations across channels.


Evergage Recommend

Provide individualized experiences driven by machine learning

Evergage for Email

Deliver personalized promotions and recommendations at open time

Evergage for Mobile Apps

Capture mobile behavioral data and personalize in-app and across channels

Evergage Data Hub

Centralize disparate sources of customer data to drive experiences

Evergage on the Go

Manage personalization campaigns from an iOS device


Evergage Guardian

Automatically uncover opportunities and potential issues from analytics data

Evergage B2B Detect

Personalize using company name, industry and firmographic data

Evergage SmartSearch

Customize search results based on each visitor’s affinities

Evergage SmartSort

Reorder category pages based on a visitor’s unique interests

Evergage SmartHistory

Provide quick access to previously viewed products and content

Evergage SmartNav

Adjust site navigation according to each visitor’s preferences

Evergage SmartBundle

Recommend related items from select categories

Evergage SmartTrends

Highlight the most popular products and content on your site