Evergage for Email

Bringing Real-Time to Email Marketing

Deliver personalized promotions, content and recommendations to email campaigns when they are opened, not when they are sent.

Taking into consideration each individual’s unique intent and preferences, Evergage for Email™ provides a straightforward way for marketers to personalize email campaigns for each and every user. And because personalization is delivered when an email is opened, messages can account for a customer’s latest actions (e.g., visited certain pages, purchased an item, registered for an event, downloaded an eBook, etc.), offer expiration dates, or even a company’s product inventory levels.

Content Blocks
Using Evergage for Email, marketers define, build and customize personalized content, which is then rendered as HTML blocks and placed into emails. These content blocks can be easily customized to match a company’s style and brand guidelines.

Dynamic Recommendations
When delivering 1:1 product or content recommendations into email, marketers select which items and related metadata (e.g., image, title, description, price, etc.) to display within a content block and which algorithm-based recommendation strategy to use. Each recommendation strategy can be customized according to a company’s desired goals and objectives.

Dynamic Content
Before an email has been opened or even after it has been opened, personalized content can be adjusted in real time. For example, if an item is no longer available, a promotion is no longer valid, or a particular action has already been taken, the personalized content shown to a recipient will be automatically updated the moment the email is opened.

Message Types
The email personalization capability can be used in both B2C and B2B environments to include static promotional banners/images, product recommendations, abandoned cart reminders, relevant eBooks, blog content, targeted cross-sell messages, recommended repurchases, loyalty and discount offers, and more.

Multi-Channel Experiences
Evergage for Email allows companies to leverage the deep behavioral tracking capabilities of the Evergage platform to capture true customer intent across web and/or mobile app interactions and insert related content into email communications.

Works with Any Provider
Evergage for Email can be used to deliver personalized content or recommendations via any email marketing or marketing automation system. No integrations are required. Just copy and paste the HTML code for the Evergage campaign into any outgoing email campaign.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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