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Leverage the deep behavioral insights collected by Evergage to deliver true 1:1 personalized content within your email campaigns.

Email undoubtedly remains a critical communication channel – one used by all businesses today. But just relying on your email solution’s broad segmentation to guide your campaigns significantly limits the potential of your email marketing program. With Evergage, B2C and B2B companies can introduce an entirely new level of sophistication with real-time email personalization – taking into consideration each customer’s individual behavior, history and preferences – to drive higher clickthrough rates, engagement and sales. Organizations can even start with Evergage for 1:1 email personalization and move to website personalization and other channels over time leveraging the same platform.

Deliver 1:1 personalized content into email campaigns. The content is served when emails are opened and take into account the recipient’s latest website or in-app behavior.

Personalize Emails at Open Time
With Evergage for Email, serve up personalized content in real time when an email is opened, instead of when it is sent by the marketer.

Include Dynamic Content
When emails are opened, display dynamic content based on the visitor’s geo, coupon code or any visitor attribute.

Insert Targeted Promotions
Create multiple experiences – targeted to different audience segments – within the same personalized email campaign.

Deliver 1:1 Recommendations
Incorporate individualized product or content recommendations into email campaigns, which are rendered dynamically in real time the moment the email is opened.

Configure with Ease
Add personalized content, promotions and recommendations into email campaigns by simply cutting and pasting HTML code from Evergage into your email solution.

Preview Personalized Content
Within the Evergage platform, marketers can select a specific user profile and preview what the recipient will see when he or she opens the email.

Enable Two-Way Synchronization
Using out-of-the-box integrations, easily pass segment and/or field data back and forth between Evergage and your email marketing solution.

Continue Conversion on Website
When people visit your site from an email campaign, continue the conversation on any page during the current or any future visit.

“With Evergage, we have taken personalization to a new level by making more impactful connections with our already engaged members. The Evergage platform really satisfies our digital marketing team’s need to understand our customers and act on it in real time.”



Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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