Unified Customer Profile

A holistic view of every person’s digital interactions with your company is something marketing executives dream about.

And where other vendors pay lip service to this vision – even offering convoluted approaches where customer data is stored across multiple locations – Evergage has always made the “unified customer profile” central to the platform.

Providing unprecedented insights into the activity, history, characteristics and preferences of each and every visitor, customer and account, the unified customer profile is the “secret sauce” empowering marketers to deliver true real-time 1:1 personalized experiences. Evergage can also serve as a company’s Customer Data Platform, pulling in data from third-party systems – such as the CRM, ESP/MAP and DMP – via out out-of-the-box or custom integrations.


Evergage records the behavior and engagement of each visitor and user across a company’s website, web application and/or mobile app. These events are captured and updated in real time, and marketers have access to a complete chronology for every individual, whether known or anonymous, without historical limitations.


Want to know when a visitor viewed a data sheet or when a shopper completed a transaction? No problem. Click anywhere on a user’s visual timeline and to see what they did at any point in time. Add offline transaction data, CRM attributes or email activity to round out your customer profiles.


Track anonymous visitors and named users across different channels and devices. Identify their location, account or industry; their referring site; their email or ad campaign source; and, at a glance, which segment(s) each visitor/user belongs to based on Evergage’s easy-to-configure segmentation rules.


When shoppers interact with your website or mobile app, Evergage captures their preferred products, brands, styles, categories, etc. This is determined by both explicit actions – views, purchases, adds-to-cart – and implicit behavior such as active time on a page or screen, mouse movement, scrolling, etc.


As visitors interact with your company’s site, Evergage identifies the solution(s), categories, content types, authors, etc. most relevant to each person. These insights are determined by explicit actions – such as views or downloads – as well as by implicit behavior such as active time on page, mouse movement, scrolling, etc.


Evergage is the only solution that allows marketers to access unified account-level details too. Companies who sell to other businesses can view aggregated statistics of all visitors or application users associated with an account – including preferred solutions, categories and content and attributes like company name, industry, size, revenue, customer status, etc.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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