Real-Time Personalization for Today’s Digital Marketing Budgets

Whether you’re a B2C company with extensive resources or a B2B company with a small team, Evergage can help you cost-effectively increase conversions.

As an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Evergage is licensed on an annual subscription basis. The fee structure is based on the client’s number of websites, web applications or mobile apps and monthly unique visitor and user volumes. Pricing includes all product functionality plus implementation, training and ongoing support services.

A member of our sales team can provide a quote after a brief consultation about your goals and needs.


Includes the full suite of Evergage’s real-time personalization capabilities including 1:1 machine learning-driven recommendations and experiences.

Ideal for retail, travelmedia and entertainment companies, as well as B2B companies looking to deliver individualized recommendations and experiences.




Includes everything you need to support a comprehensive real-time personalization program focused on segment-based targeting.

Suitable for technology, financial services and insurance companies not yet ready to take advantage of machine learning-driven recommendations and experiences.



* Generous usage included for all customers of Evergage for Email and Evergage Data Hub. Additional fees apply over certain volume thresholds.

** Evergage for Mobile Apps is available and sold as an add-on solution for both the Evergage 1 and Evergage Core packages.

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