Manage Your Personalization Campaigns from Anywhere

Marketers can access Evergage campaign statistics and publish or disable campaigns right from an iOS device.

The Evergage on the Go mobile app provides customers a simple and efficient means for staying in tune with their campaigns.

Want to know how your new homepage welcome message, webinar promotion or recommendations strategy is performing first thing in the morning, when you’re at the gym after work or – for goodness sake – while on vacation? No problem. As fast as you can open the app on your iPhone, you access updated statistics on each of the personalization campaigns you’re running.

With Evergage on the Go, marketers can:

  • See aggregated statistics – such as goals completed, impressions and clickthroughs – on all of their personalization campaigns
  • Easily navigate between folders to access lists of associated campaigns
  • Monitor specific campaign details in real time, including each campaign’s conversion and clickthrough rate, average order value and impression count
  • Access campaign charts and easily compare data between multiple campaign experiences
  • Publish or disable individual campaigns

Available for iOS, Evergage on the Go is free for Evergage users.



Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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