Forget What You Know About Recommendations

Control, Flexibility, Transparency and Accountability! Introducing a Fresh Approach to Predictive Product and Content Recommendations.

Most standard recommendation engines – that is, point solutions that base recommendations solely on what others have viewed or purchased – tend to be about as accurate as a five-day forecast in New England and as user-friendly as a support manual in a foreign language.

The only truly effective way to ensure that product and content recommendation strategies cater to each and every individual is to combine these traditional approaches with deep predictive analytics on each visitor’s behavior to determine affinities and intent. Delivering on this objective, and providing marketers with more control, flexibility and accountability, represents the core philosophy behind Evergage Recommend™.

Leveraging machine-learning algorithms, Evergage Recommend empowers marketers in industries like retail, travel, publishing, technology and financial to deploy product and content recommendations that are maximally relevant to each and every individual.

With Evergage Recommend, marketers can see and understand how their recommendation strategies work, create new ones from scratch, A/B test strategies against one another and then refine them as needed. They can also preview recommendations based on a particular shopper or visitor persona before deploying live.

True Intent
Clicks lie! If a visitor quickly clicks away from an item, that shows disinterest, not interest. Evergage tracks time spent and engagement levels for each individual, providing a more accurate understanding of true interest and intent.

Deeper data and better algorithms enable Evergage-powered recommendations to factor in individual affinity, segment and survey response data along with overall intent, resulting in greater relevancy and effectiveness.

Real-Time Catalog
Evergage Recommend does not require companies to integrate with product or content catalogs via APIs. Instead, catalog data is collected in real time as visitors browse the site so it can be used for personalized recommendations.

Complete Personalization Solution
Leveraging the power of Evergage Core, Evergage Recommend enables marketers to place recommendations anywhere on a web page or in a mobile app, A/B test different strategies, and even utilize CRM, segment, and social affinity data.

Unlimited Possibilities
Easily insert a product or content recommendation grid or a Netflix-like carousel on your homepage, category page or a product detail page. Add recommendations to your mobile app or an email campaign. Expand automated 1:1 recommendations into other areas of your site with:


Configure recommendation strategies or “recipes” by adding, editing or removing “ingredients.” Preview results based on a particular shopper or visitor persona.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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