Personalize Product and Content List Views for Each Visitor

Automatically reorder search results and category page views so the most relevant items – based on each shopper’s unique interests – appear first.

Evergage SmartSort™ combines deep behavioral tracking with the multi-layered machine learning algorithms – of Evergage Recommend – to present shoppers with personalized search results and product category views. Leveraging each shopper’s current and past session behavior, implied intent, purchase history and even offline sales data, the solution dramatically increases relevance, product discovery and conversion rates.

A shopper with a known preference for men’s clothing (image on left) will see gender-relevant items when searching for “shirt.” When conducting a similar search, a shopper with a known preference for women’s clothes (image on right) will see completely different results.

Deep Data
Factoring in both current and past session behavior, Evergage SmartSort reorders product category pages and search results based on each shopper’s true interests and intent. Actual engagement, brand affinity, content preferences, categories, styles, sizes, geography, gender, price sensitivity and more are all taken into consideration.

Machine Learning
Utilizing both aggregate shopper data and individual behavior, Evergage SmartSort allows retailers to combine multiple machine learning models with search results and product category views. Different strategies can be built, deployed, tested and even targeted to different personas.

Easy for the Marketer
Evergage SmartSort can be woven into a company’s existing website or mobile app. The solution, which can optionally be combined with Evergage SmartSearch, plugs into your site’s existing capabilities and page layouts without the need for IT.

Real-Time Catalog
Saving time and increasing accuracy, Evergage SmartSort does not require a product catalog integration. The solution automatically detects out-of-stock and discontinued items and immediately removes these items from a shopper’s search results or product category view.

Marketers can easily determine which categories and products are driving the most conversions and revenue. From within Evergage Core, you can view, track and report on the latest statistics in real time helping inform merchandising and editing.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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