Evergage for Customer Success

Improve Your Customers’ Success with Evergage

Only Evergage’s real-time personalization platform delivers The Power of 1, enabling digital marketers to transform the dream of 1:1 customer engagement into reality.

Combining in-depth behavioral analytics and customer data with advanced machine learning, Evergage provides the one platform you need to systematically understand and interact with each person that visits your site or uses your app – one at a time, “in the moment” and at scale – to deliver a maximally relevant, individualized experience.

Evergage tracks each user’s actions inside your web application or mobile app at the individual and account level, providing unparalleled insights into customer wants and needs. And with Evergage you can act on this data to deliver personalized experiences and messages to customers in real time, inside the application – including updates, tips, tutorials, surveys, upgrade offers and more.

Companies improve the customer experience and drive increased utilization, retention and lifetime value with the Evergage platform.


Evergage for Customer Success (1:21)

Here are ways clients are using Evergage to better engage their customers and drive greater loyalty.


Dynamically promote tips and training to new users, highlight new or under-utilized features to existing users, and showcase relevant use cases to specific accounts.


Track feature utilization and user behavior, providing valuable insights into customer account health and churn risks.


Get to know your customers. Based on user behavior and adoption, deliver upsell and cross-sell messages when the time is right or intervene to reduce churn.


Discover who your most engaged customers are and engage them in real time to drive valuable feedback, referrals and reviews.

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Deliver personalized experiences and messages to your customers right inside your application.

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