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As a digital marketer in the media, publishing or entertainment industry tasked with growing advertising and subscription revenue, you face a number of distinct challenges. These include driving traffic to your site, keeping visitors on the site, converting them to free or paid customers, and driving app downloads.

In an era when attention spans are short and distractions are plentiful, being successful requires creative solutions. The companies who embrace innovative tactics to engage audiences are those best positioned for long-term success.

With a fully integrated and comprehensive personalization platform powered by advanced machine learning, Evergage enables media and entertainment companies to transform their one-size-fits-all content sites into responsive digital properties that uniquely cater to each and every individual based on his or her behavior, attributes, interests and preferences.

Here are a few ways Evergage helps media and entertainment companies improve their digital experiences and more effectively engage readers, viewers and subscribers.


Immediately recognize anonymous visitors and known subscribers, and respond to them in real time based not only on their source, but also their unique interests, affinities and preferences (e.g., category, topic, author).


Track both anonymous visitors and known customers across your website, logged-in environments and mobile apps. Regardless of channel, each visitor’s complete history is maintained in a single unified customer profile used to drive real-time 1:1 interactions.


Using behavioral insights and intent data, present appropriately timed messages and offers – overtly or subtly anywhere on the site or in-app – to encourage visitors to register for a promotion, download content, sign up for email, or become a customer. You can even trigger email messages – with content personalized at open time –based on a visitor’s actions.


Utilize deep understanding of each visitor to promote trending content (videos, articles, games, quizzes, etc.) and deliver true 1:1 recommendations. Marketers can define recommendation “recipes” and incorporate them into their website, mobile app, search and email campaigns.

"Partnering with Evergage has been a very positive experience. Using real-time messaging has enabled us to interact on a more personal level with new and returning visitors, leading to a sizable increase in conversions and a great return on investment."



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For additional details and examples of how Evergage helps marketers in the media & entertainment industry benefit from real-time personalization, check out our Evergage for Media and Entertainment data sheet.

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