As an e-commerce marketer in the retail industry, you’re well aware that responding to each and every shopper – based on his or her unique preferences and intent – is increasingly necessary to drive conversions, build long-term customer loyalty and remain competitive.

You may have a personalization or A/B testing solution in your digital technology stack already, or are working to piece together various components to accomplish conversion rate optimization objectives. So, why consider partnering with Evergage?

As has long been the case in online retail, various tools and point solutions keep popping up that try to address specific e-commerce productivity challenges. It’s cumbersome to manage a disparate set of tools, however, and it can be a nightmare to get them to exchange data and work effectively together.

Evergage provides The Power of 1, driven by a single, modern, comprehensive personalization platform that is built for today’s e-commerce environment. It offers automatic catalog integration, CRM and in-store purchase data synchronization, built-in A/B and multivariate testing, sophisticated rule-based targeting, and the industry’s most accurate and effective product recommendations driven by advanced machine learning. And with its cross-channel capabilities, true real-time delivery and predictive analytics, Evergage has become a retailer’s dream come true.


Here are a few examples of how leading retailers use Evergage to drive more conversions.


Immediately recognize anonymous shoppers and existing customers, and cater to them based on their current and past session activities, geography, source, and attributes stored in your CRM. Utilize deep behavioral tracking and on-page engagement monitoring to truly discern what interests them the most.


Present individual shoppers with relevant messages, offers, products and content in real time. Easily build and deploy machine learning-driven experiences – recommendations, search, navigation, dynamic merchandising – that account for both product popularity and availability, as well as each shopper’s preferred categories, brands, styles, geography and price ranges.


Track behavior and deliver personalized experiences across the website, logged-in environment and mobile app. Add promotions and 1:1 recommendations – which are rendered at open time – into emails. And when someone visits from an email or ad campaign, continue the conversation the moment they arrive with the most relevant contnet.



Conduct A/B or multivariate tests and quickly iterate until your campaigns are optimized. Test product or content recommendation strategies against one another. Reduce cart abandonment with friendly reminders when someone has added items to their cart, but has not completed a transaction.


B2B retailers can use Evergage to understand and personalize at the account level. This means you can limit product offerings, display custom pricing, promote special offers, and even conduct A/B tests targeted to shoppers associated with a particular company or industry.

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For additional details and examples of how Evergage helps marketers in the retail industry benefit from real-time personalization, check out our Evergage for Retail data sheet.

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