Evergage for Technology Providers

You need to generate interest, identify and capture leads, and guide prospects through the funnel. Then, of course, you need to onboard and educate users, get customers to engage and adopt, and ensure they renew!

To achieve these objectives, you probably rely on a variety of tools – CRM, web content management, email, PPC, A/B testing, marketing automation, web analytics and more. But if real-time personalization is not yet in the mix or is rudimentary, it’s time to consider adding Evergage and The Power of 1 to your marketing stack.

Evergage will quickly become your indispensable demand generation and account-based marketing (ABM) solution, turning your website into your company’s best consultative salesperson. By carefully “listening” to each visitor based on their actions and identity, you can respond “in the moment” with the right experience and timely content to strategically guide them through the buyer’s journey. And for your customers, Evergage can serve as your company’s most responsive support representative – delivering timely tips, messages and surveys as well as proactively addressing frequently asked questions or common obstacles.


Here are a just a few ways Evergage can help you boost engagement and conversions by personalizing the experience for visitors and users.


Immediately discern between anonymous visitors, trial users and existing customers. Uniquely respond based on their buyer stage, areas of interest, industry, level of engagement, geography, referring campaign, company, or what you know about them from the CRM or marketing automation system.


As visitors engage on your site, dynamically introduce the most relevant calls-to-action (CTAs) and content assets – blog articles, eBooks, videos, etc. – based on their behavior. Promote events and webinars too. And automatically remove messages once actions are completed.


Upon conversion, present “getting started” resources that encourage trial users to complete key milestones. Educate customers on new features or even use Evergage to recognize search phrases in order to preemptively address frequently asked questions.


Capture valuable user insights via unobtrusive surveys and then respond with relevant content, advice, suggestions or support tips. Monitor activity at both the individual and account level and notify key internal stakeholders – within your CRM application – of potential churn risk.

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For additional details and examples of how Evergage helps marketers in the technology industry benefit from real-time personalization, check out our Evergage for Technology Providers data sheet.

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