Real-time personalization is dynamically changing the internet.  Here are twelve ways in which real-time personalization can help you and your website become more successful.

1. Real-Time Personalization is Always Relevant

Current memes are trendy but hit or miss.  Real-time personalization will always be relevant and important to your site.  Having the ability to personalize your site to each visitor, including anonymous visitors, will never get old.  

2. Real-Time Personalization Doesn't Need an Email Address to Nurture Visitors to Leads and Customers

 Evergage is able to identify the visitor based on their keyword search.  This way, we are able to know why each visitor came to the site, and we know exactly what they want and can cater their experience towards this information.

3. Show Anonymous Visitors ValueQuickly, Or They Might Not Come Back

The world and the internet are moving at such high speeds.  This means that if an anonymous visitor does not see value on your site immediately, they will most likely leave and not come back.  With Evergage, you will be able to create messages to anonymous visitors that will help them become more engaged on your site.    

4. Being Timely Means Being More Relevant. Being Relevant Means Better Conversion Rates

Think about all the visitors on your site that simply can’t make up their mind.  A lot of times they will go on your site, not find what they are looking for right away, and then go check out a competitor’s site.  Being relevant and timely is a great way to prevent this.  When a visitor clicks on a product on your site, you can have a call-out message informing them of a special deal for that product, asking them if they have found what they are looking for, etc.  Being timely and relevant is a great way to keep your visitors on your site.           

5. Analytics Alone Causes Analysis Paralysis. Real-Time Personalization Takes Action On Data Automatically

Doing analysis for your website can oftentimes become draining.  If a visitor is on your site, you will be able to collect a lot of information about them.  You will be able to learn where the visitor came from, how they got to your site, what they clicked on, etc.  Using real-time personalization, all of this information is automatically collected for you.      

6. Static Websites and Web Applications Rudely Ignore Users When They Seek Valuable Interaction

On static websites and web applications, what happens if the visitor has a question? The visitor will most likely leave your site and go to your competitors site in order to satisfy their needs.  With real-time personalization, we are able to implement a “live chat” feature.  This allows visitors to have all of their questions answered immediately.

7. Email is Often Overused

Do not overuse email, the purpose should be to pull users back in.  Email should also be used to drive engagement with real-time personalization.  

8. Real-Time Personalization Captures Attention and Compels Action

People are often impulsive and interests wane.  With real-time personalization, you can engage with your visitors and get to know them.  This way, you can offer them what they are most likely to be looking for. 

9. The Moment Your Visitors or Web App Users Feel a Pain is The Most Likely Time They Will Act On It

If a visitor or customer is not happy with your site, you could lose them.  Real-time personalization is great for solving this problem, and reducing churn.

10. Determine Current Interests

With real-time marketing, you can determine the behaviors and interests of each visitor.  This means that based on their behaviors, you can offer each visitor something different based on their behavior. 

11. Real-Time Personalization Helps Convert Users at Each Stage of The Funnel

This means that no matter what stage of the customer life cycle the visitor is in, you can have a message or special offer for them.  Whether it is a “welcome first-time visitor message,” or “welcome back” message, a visitor can always have a message that is personalized just for them.

12. Make Your Website Your Best Sales Person

If you went to a store, a sales person would know everything about you and they would treat you differently based on what they know about you.  The same goes for your website.  Based on what stage you are in, you can receive an offer or a message just for you.