In order to have a successful content website, marketers must deliver relevant content at the right time to keep visitors engaged - and keep them coming back. Generic and static websites are a thing of the past and updating your site with new content isn’t enough. In fact, online consumers are demanding more personalization. According to Janrain, nearly three quarters (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. And in a recent Evergage survey, 88% of digital marketers consider real-time marketing critical to their efforts and many plan to invest in it this year.

Given these stats, getting started with personalization is a must. Let’s look at 19 real-time personalization examples of how you can create a better online experience for your visitors that drives more engagement including time spent on your site and pages viewed, as well as more subscriptions/more leads for your company.

Geo Target - Target Visitors Based on Where they are Located

Knowing where the visitor is coming from allows you to understand where they may be interested in going. Provide relevant information to keep your visitor engaged.


1. Deliver hyper-local content such as local news based on zip code.

2. Recognize visitors based on country and provide relevant information, such as shipping details for that country.

3. Invite visitors to local events such as networking events you are sponsoring.

Identify User Based on PPC/Keyword

By being able to identify the visitor based on the PPC or keyword, you are able to provide them content based on what they clicked or searched for.

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4. Instead of creating multiple microsites and landing pages for keywords/PPC ads, personalize the home page or landing page on your site to match the keyword/PPC ad.

5. Welcome visitors based on keywords and immediately deliver content based on those keywords.

Identify the Visitors Web Source

Personalize content based on what social channel the visitor is coming from. This way you are able to greet and provide content to your social visitors.

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6. If a visitor comes in via a tweet link, not only welcome them from Twitter, but you also might know what content they are interested in and present them with that content.

7. Personalize based on what referral sources are higher or lower quality for your site conversions. High-quality referrals get pushed into conversion funnels faster, and lower quality referral sources get more content before being pushed into the funnel.

Bring Attention to Similar Content 

With Evergage, you are able to bring attention to similar content, and you are also able to know how long a visitor has spent on each page.

8. Serve content based on blog and article tags or author names. If you know a visitor read blogs or articles with a marketing tag and a sales tag but they spent more time viewing marketing tags, serve them relevant marketing content. Typically, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between which tag is more relevant.

9. Knowing the time spent on a page allows publishers to deliver more specific metrics and ROI for sponsored content advertisers. Not only did you get 3,000 clicks, you also garnered 27 hours of eyeball time. This means more value for the advertiser, and they know their sponsorship is working on a deeper level.

Surveys - Learn More About Your Visitors

By providing a survey on either entry or exit, you can help visitors find what they need and then you will be able to personalize content based on their answers.

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10. Survey upon entrance or first visit to site - a social content site asks you which content you like most (cats, dogs, fails, cute, trashy, etc.) which helps you establish the Relationship, Persona, and Intent of each visitor. You then serve the content they have identified as their favorite.

11. If they select cats, they can use a second chance campaign to serve up the most popular cat content (WAIT B4 U LEAVE U HAZ 2 SEE DA CUTEST CAT VIDEO EVER! In CAT Lolz language) Who can resist that?

Building Relationships - Welcome Back Returning Visitors and/or Subscribers

Everyone likes to be remembered. With a welcome back message, you are able to personalize content and build upon your initial relationship.

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12. Personalized welcome message with the newest and greatest content.

User Engagement

13. Make sure subscribers are getting the most value out of their subscription. If they’re not, using a feature or offering, let them know about it.

Renew Subscriptions

When you know about the user’s intent, you can create a specialized task list or a guided tour. This way you can educate the visitor and by the end, they will be ready to convert.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.56.46 PM

14. Tour of member features to check out.

15. Checklist to create a more robust community profile.

Tracking Segment Paths

If you have highly engaged users, you can offer them content knowing that they are very interested. If a visitor is less engaged, you can offer them content to try to make them a more engaged visitor.

16. See how power users use their subscription and move less engaged users into that path.

Convert Freemium to Paid

17. Offer a free download of premium content or a report if they fit a segment to pique their interest. Then offer a free trial, promotion, or incentive to register.

Encourage Community Lurkers to be Participants

Sometimes the best way to get a retweet or a share is to simply ask an engaged visitor. Why not ask them to mention you or promote some of your content? You can also do this with blogs and articles.

18. Encourage visitors to generate content, such as leaving a review, comments on blogs/articles, or answer a question posed by other users.

Sharing Content

By providing a sample tweet, you are able to make it as easy as possible for visitors to retweet some of your content and get your name out there!

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19. Provide a sample/pre-written tweet or Facebook post so all they would have to do is click ‘post’ or ‘tweet.’

Having a personalized experience to each visitor will greatly increase the chances of each visitor converting. What are you doing for your site? Is each visitor having a personalized experience?

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