Hello, welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. This week we will be discussing three ways in which social shopping will help your web browsers convert to shoppers. When you are shopping in a store, you have the ability to ask the store’s associates what they would recommend for you based on what you are looking for. You can also ask your friends about certain products and/or read reviews online. Now with Evergage Tribes, you have the ability to shop online socially, and here are three ways in which this will help your visitors shop easier and convert faster.

1. Browsers will find exactly what they are looking for

Browsers have the ability to create or suggest Tribes themselves based on what they are looking for, such as #ITGuy or #CookingMom. This will allow shoppers to view products that are best suited for them based on like-minded shoppers and their interests. This will help personalize the shopping experience, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. This will get items into their shopping cart faster.

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2. Visitors won't leave to read reviews

Evergage Tribes allows visitors to read reviews immediately based on what other like-minded shoppers are viewing and buying. The shopper will not have to leave your site to read product reviews. This will reduce the risk of the visitor bouncing from your site, since they won’t have to leave to read elsewhere about the product that they are interested in.

3. Shopping socially is fun

Everyone wants everything to be social. What’s the difference between a normal GPS and Waze, one of the world’s largest community based navigation apps? Waze is social, which means you can get all the information from other drivers that you need in real-time. When you go to a website that is using Evergage Tribes, it will deliver a unique shopping experience by showing visitors what people like them like, think and buy.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!