Generating leads is a constantly evolving art form.

With so many factors to consider, implementing a consistent and effective lead generation campaign can seem impossible for most businesses. Selecting the right channels, breaking through the noise, capturing the right decision maker’s attention, all while measuring your efforts and maximizing profitability of the campaign, can become a daunting undertaking.

All of your efforts have you focused on generating quality leads for your business as cheaply as possible. The added challenge is that consumers are smarter and more resistant to old lead generation methods. Even new ones get stale quickly, so you need to constantly be at the front of the pack.

There is a lot of information out there, but it’s still difficult to distill it all into a strong lead generation strategy. How do you know which practices are best for each channel, specifically for driving sales leads?

To help you stay ahead of the game, I’ve put together a list of 28 of my favorite lead generating posts to help you do just that.

Lead Generating Strategies And Techniques

1. 11 Clever Ways to Nurture Leads With Your Business Blog

Blogging makes it easier to find your business through search engines and makes it more likely people will like or follow you on social networks, but blogs can also help you nurture leads and relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

2. B2Bs say email, content marketing best for lead gen


B2B companies say that email and content marketing are the most effective lead generation strategies for their businesses.

3. 5 Techniques For Lead Management Success That You Probably Aren’t Using

Marketo offers five lead management techniques that you should be leveraging: work with sales to know when leads are sales ready, recycle leads when necessary, score your leads, track anonymous visitors to your website, and understand your prospects’ needs.

4. Why Conversion Optimization Strategy Trumps Tactics Every Time

This post from KISSmetrics outlines the most important distinctions between successful and lackluster testing strategies. The secret is that the most successful testing programs are run by strategists – people who build repeatable models that are able to achieve business goals.

5. All You Can Eat Leads: 10 Ways to Generate More Leads for Less

Jason over at DIY Themes outlines 10 ways to generate more leads, plus he lays out three lead generation ground rules you need to follow. Read it and don’t forget it.

6. Lead Generation Poses Biggest Challenge for B2Bs

Sixty percent of B2B companies note that generating leads is the biggest challenge they face. In addition to generating more leads, B2B companies list reaching more of their target audience (48%) and elevating their brand online (34%) as their second and third biggest challenges.

7. Staple Yourself to a Lead

Once you were supposed to staple yourself to an order, now you’re supposed to staple yourself to a lead – understand the customer journey, stop leaving leads behind, and get to know the details of every lead.

8. 93% of Companies Using Inbound Marketing Increase Lead Generation [New ROI Data]

This post outlines a study completed by MIT Sloan business school and commissioned by HubSpot. The study is based on a sample of more than 5,000 businesses and shows inbound marketing’s return on investment.

9. Till Death Do Us Part: 9 Actionable Steps To Align Sales and Marketing

If the relationship between your sales and marketing teams is rocky, your sales results will sag. Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group shows that better alignment resulted in a 32% increase year-over-year. Radius outlines seven things you can do to make sure your sales and marketing people get along and work well together.

10. How Can I Generate Leads With a Limited Marketing Budget?

This is an excellent post that helps businesses figure out how to balance the competing factors of time and cost when trying to generate leads with a limited marketing budget.

11. Retargeting: 5 tactics from drip email to lead generation

Retargeting is the process of reaching out to prospects who have shown an interest in your company in the past. It can be a powerful way to generate more leads and Marketing Sherpa shares five tactics you can use to help make this happen.

12. 4 Tried and True Marketing Automation Recipes for Better Email Nurturing

Here are four recipes to effectively nurture visitors and turn them into prospects.

13. Pros and Cons of Lead Generation Marketing Online

The post discusses strategies for paid lead generation activities.

14. The 8 Questions You Need to Answer Before Calling a Small Business Prospect

Before you pick up a phone and call a prospect, you need to do your research. This radius post outlines a bunch of questions you need to answer before you reach out.

15. Intro to Lead Generation: How to determine if a lead is qualified

A qualified lead is a person who is ready to speak with sales. This post walks you through the steps involved in determining if a lead is qualified or not.

16. B2B E-commerce: How an online retailer garnered 100% top-line growth in its affiliate program (plus 5 more marketing channels)

This is an excellent post from Marketing Sherpa that looks at how an e-commerce company used a multi-channel marketing strategy to generate triple digit growth for the company over a four year period.

Using Social Media To Stand Out And Connect

17. Lead Generation: 5 tips to generate leads faster on LinkedIn

You can generate great leads with LinkedIn in only a few minutes each day. However, it takes a fair bit of legwork on the front end. There are five things you need to do to turn LinkedIn into a lead generation machine that only requires a few minutes of daily maintenance.

18. 14 Steps to Generating Leads on Twitter

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, Twitter will help you generate leads. Ted Prodromou, author of The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business, shares what you need to do to start generating leads while you tweet.

19. Pinterest Marketing: When old features become new opportunities

Pinterest is one of the newest and one of the fastest growing social networks. It recently announced changes to its search function that will make it an even more effective social network if you are looking to drum up leads.

20. How to Step Up Your Social Media Nurturing Strategy

Improving sales with social media is about more than just lead generation. Your online marketing efforts and their ability to increase sales will also depend on your ability to engage with your audience to nurture leads. This post shows how to use social media to follow-up with leads and gently help the through the various stages of the customer lifecycle.

21. The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Social Business Strategy Isn’t Working

Mistaking social media tactics for strategy will hold you back – this post shows how to focus on what really matters.

Fresh Content Marketing Ideas And Tactics

22. Content Marketing 101: Creating Advanced Content

Not all web content is created equal, and this post from Adhere Creative drives that point home. Matt starts by separating advanced content from basic content and then shows what it takes to create large volumes of the former.

23. Need to Reach Out to Leads? Blogging from a B2B Perspective

If you are a B2B company and are thinking about launching a business blog, here are some things you need to consider first: you need a clear definition of your audience, you need to be able to tailor your content, you need to be able to keep active, you must include calls-to-action, and you must be ready to use your blog to help nurture leads.

24. How To Generate Leads With A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing will help improve your SEO and will find you new business opportunities if you follow the steps outlined in this post.

25. B2B Content Marketing in the Software Industry: 6 Points From New Research

B2B software companies have embraced content marketing more so than most other groups. This post from Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing Institute shows how these types of firm suse content marketing differently than their other B2B peers.

26. The Who, What, When, How and Why of Lead Nurturing with Webinars and Videos

When discussing content marketing, too many people forget about advanced content like webinars and videos. This post from Marketo shows how you can use webinars and videos to generate leads.

27. Why the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit

The lowly blog post has undergone a renaissance of sorts. Marketers, once again, are seeing posts as a powerful way to connect with their audience. This post from Steve Hall at HubSpot provides some excellent insight on this trend.

28. How We Made $10,000 Using These 5 Content Marketing Tactics

Walter Chen, founder and CEO of IDoneThis, shares five content marketing tactics that he used to generate $10,000 in new business. You have probably heard some of these ideas before, but it’s important to review and revisit them to drive home their importance.

Final Thoughts

Having processed all that fresh information, it’s best to act on it now. Can you think of 3 things from these posts that you can start doing today to impact your lead generation activities?

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