1. Calls to Action

The CTA is the ultimate action that converts a visitor to a subscriber, or better yet, a paying customer. Doing away with generic ‘click here’ buttons and tailoring your CTAs to your visitors will enhance your conversions.

2. Remember your visitors

Whether it’s during a one-on-one sales interaction or on your website, remembering a visitor with a simple Welcome Back message will make them feel important while giving them an awesome online experience!

3. Present visitors with relevant content

When a visitor clicks on something on your website, you can determine what they are interested in. With this knowledge, you can present that relevant content that will increase engagement and conversion.

4. Welcome message

When you walk into a store, there is usually someone that welcomes you in. Your website can also welcome first time visitors.

5. Welcome back message

A welcome back message is a perfect way to let your visitors know that you remember them and the pages they previously viewed, and this will make them feel great about coming back to your site.

6. Abandoned cart message

If a shopper has not finished a purchase and has items in their shopping cart, the next time they’re on your site, you can message them to remind them that they’ve left these items behind. Bonus tip: Use this technique in tandem with your email campaigns!

7. Product of interest/reminder

Remind visitors where they left off by showing them a product they’ve clicked on several times, read the reviews or added it to their cart.

8. Reviews

If a visitor is spending time on a certain product, bring product reviews to the surface. This may help them make up their mind about making the purchase.

9. From PPC

Knowing that a visitor is on your site because they searched for you or a relevant keyword gives you the upper hand. You can personalize content that’s relevant to them, welcome them, and you can even thank them for searching for your site!

10. From Email

When you send out an email that has links to resources, the visitors will click on the link and this will bring them to your site. Now, you will be able to greet them, and ask if they would like more relevant content

11. From Social

Having a message from your social sites is not only a great way to welcome visitors, it is also a great way to offer them content. In addition, knowing that they are a social user, you can urge them to share, like, tweet content!

12. From Display

You are making the investment in display ads - personalize the experience from your display ads by basically making your website a relevant landing page.

13. Unique URLs

Based on the unique URL, offer your visitors something that will appeal to them whether it’s a product, piece of content, discount and landing page.

14. Upsells

As a shopper put items in their cart, ask them if they’re interested in products that compliment their merchandise they’ve selected.

15. Sold out products

Instead of having a ‘sold out’ or ‘unavailable’ message - use real-time messaging to let visitors know of similar products or when the item will be back in stock. Bonus tip: Add an email capture to this message for future remarketing opportunities or better yet, a back in stock notification.

16. Event promotion

Promote upcoming events based on location (city, state, zip code) so all your visitors know about upcoming events, store openings, special sales and so on!

17. Geo-location

Know what location your visitor is coming from is a huge advantage. When a visitor lives far away, they might leave your site because they are unsure of how much it would cost for shipping. To prevent this, you can have a message informing the visitor about your shipping costs and discounts.

18. Referring site

Welcome visitors from different sites, including social.

19. Content viewed

Knowing what a visitor viewed is very important, because now you can present them with content, special offers, or events that you know will interest them.

20. Time on site

Based on time spent on your website, you can send you visitors targeted information based on their behaviors.

21. Frequency of visits

If a visitor returns to your site for the third time, they’re clearly interested in something on your site. Engage them with a tailored message!

22. Scroll down/scroll up

When a visitor scrolls down 80% of the page while they are reading a blog or another article, you can have a message that offers them relevant content.

23. Second Chance

If a visitor has been inactive, and then is about to leave your site, give them a second chance and present them with engaging content. Maybe they couldn’t find what they are looking for, now you can present them with a survey or question.

24. Email capture

Strategically place email capture forms when a visitor is engaged. Bonus tip: This could be based on pages viewed, frequency, clicks etc.

25. Purchase History

Knowing what a visitor has purchased before will allow you to call-out items that are similar to what they have previously purchased.

26. Conversion factors

Change material based on what you now know about your visitors. If they’ve already clicked a CTA, use that space to show them something different and of course relevant.

27. Number of clicks

Dynamically change content based on how many click are made during a visit.

28. Number of pages

Offer content based on the amount of pages they have been to. If a visitor has seen a lot of pages, they are clearly interested - get them to convert by adding a form field or email capture.

29. Urgency discounts/promotions

Having a message that informs visitors of discounts or promotions is a great way to get them to purchase, driving revenue for your company.

30. Surveys

Having a survey on your site is a great way to find out more about your visitors. The more you learn about them, the better you can make the experience for your web visitors.

31. Site tours

Have a lot of content on your website? Bring your visitors through a tour of your site! If a visitor stays for the whole tour, they will learn about your company and hopefully convert!

32. Items searched

Knowing what a visitor searched for on your site allows you to present them with relevant content. Bonus tip: Add a sidebar that includes relevant content based on blog searches.

33. Callouts

Callout content on your site that your visitors might have missed, and what you really want them to see.

34. In-line messages

Personalizing your site does not have to be obvious. Create an in-line message, and this will not disrupt the flow of your visitors.

35. Pop-ups

Popups are a great way to grab visitors’ attention, but use them wisely - sometimes they can be an annoyance. Bonus tip: Test your pop-ups against in-line and call-out messages.

36. Task list

Giving a visitor a task list is a great way to keep visitors engaged. When they have completed one action, the task list will automatically cross it off the list! By the end of the list, your visitor should be ready to convert.

37. Just ask

Implementing a live chat into your website makes it easy for visitors to have their questions answered right away.

38. Just ask, part 2
If you have more than one target audience, you may want to just ask them right off the bat. Are you shopping for men’s vs women’s today? This simple tactic can help visitors to conversion, faster.

39. Activity on page

Dynamically change content on the page based on how active a visitor is and the areas of a page content viewed.

40. Mouse activity

If someone’s mouse hovers over something that you want them to click on, make sure you have a callout offer in place so they know that this is an important feature on your site.

41. Logged in users

Knowing if a user is logged in gives you a huge advantage because now you can easily personalize their experience based off of name, email, past purchases, past views, recommendations and so on.

42. Anonymous users

In a one-on-one sales interaction, the salesman would ask a first time visitor what they were interested in, and then he would make sure to show them what they are looking for. Your site can similarly welcome the first time visitor, ask what they are interested in, and then provide them with relevant content.

43. Recent average order size

If a visitor is always buying items in the same price range, you can present them with other items in the same price range because you know it will spike their interest.

44. State/city/country

Let visitors know about certain discounts, events, or promotions based on where they live.

45. Mobile/tablet device

Personalizing your site works for all devices, including cell phones and tablets. All your messages will look and work the same.