It’s an awesome time to be a marketer. In the last few years, our roles have changed from brand-builders to revenue engines. Along these lines, we’re tackling some of the biggest unsolved challenges in our industry: real-time personalization, attribution, information siloes, and storytelling through data.

No matter our job titles, organizational ranks, or employers, we share an important trait in common, in that we’re navigating extreme challenges and uncertainty. At any given time, we’re running multiple concurrent experiments, convincing our CFOs to fund new (and often unproven) initiatives, and reassuring our teams (and bosses) that failure is a part of the journey.

If you’re looking for inspiration, new tips, and creative ideas for campaigns to run, look no further than the following five videos below. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite conference talks, to help you learn some of the most valuable lessons as a marketer. Let’s get to it.

1. This Experimentation Talk from Anita Newton, VP of Marketing at Adknowledge

By day, Anita Newton is VP of marketing at one of the world’s leading advertising technology companies. By night, she’s the marketing advisor to a small consumer goods startup called Mighty Handle. In this talk from the 2014 Lean Startup Conference, she walks through a recent marketing experiment in which she blended her startup and advertising expertise.

In early 2014, Mighty Handle faced the biggest opportunity in its startup life—the opportunity to run a pilot in Walmart. Wanting to make the most out of this experience, Newton knew that Mighty Handle would need to revisit its packaging. With only a few hundred dollars as a budget, Newton ran a series of experiments on Facebook and YouTube to validate design ideas and better understand her target market. Newton leveraged data to get a better understanding of her customers, and by watching this talk, you can too.

2. This Buyer Journey Talk from Rishi Dave, CMO at Dun and Bradstreet

Thanks to the evolution of technology, the marketing industry has become overrun with tips, tricks, and tools. As we pursue ROI, we become laser focused on conversion rates, click-throughs, and interactions. It’s easy to forget that there’s a real human being on the other side of the computer screen.

In this talk for a NewsCred Summit, Rishi Dave—formerly at Dell and now CMO at Dun and Bradstreet—reminds us what our audiences care about as human beings. His premise, that today’s consumers are self-directed and research-driven in their buying journeys, will remain resonant with every campaign that you run, from this point forward.

3. Data-Driven Personalization Talk from Karl Wirth, Founder at Evergage

Today’s marketers are dealing with an unprecedented amount of data about prospects and customers. A big challenge that companies face, as a result, is the ability to connect these fragmented points into cohesive and actionable business stories.

Data-driven personalization is the missing link between insight and action. By creating comprehensive customer profiles, marketers can reach buyers in the moment, with relevant and tailored information. Watch this talk from Karl Wirth to learn how.

4. This TED Talk on the Infamous 404 from Renny Gleeson, Interactive Strategy Leader

One of the biggest lessons that you’ll learn as a marketer is that subtle moments can yield very big impacts. A classic example of this idea is word-of-mouth—provide a handful of good experiences, and your customers won’t hesitate to talk about, promote, and refer your brand to other customers.

Marketers can stretch this concept further by optimizing micro moments. In this TED Talk, interactive strategy leader Renny Gleeson explains how to reposition missed opportunities as moments to strengthen customer relationships. Soon enough, you’ll be implementing personalization on your 404 pages.

5. This O'Reilly Talk on Data-Driven Storytelling from Julie Steele, Director of Communications at Silicon Valley Data Science

Data can be as confusing as it is empowering.

At any given time, marketers have access to a wealth of customer data. The challenge, however, is that it’s often difficult to craft a story around the information we’re generating. We’re monitoring signals passively and often, and we’re not even sure what we’re seeking out.

In this talk, data visualization expert Julie Steele shares insight into the power of data-driven narratives. You’ll come away from this talk with a better understanding of how to interpret disjointed signals, charts, and metrics into a cohesive story that you can build upon through technology.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that we’re in this together and that we need to learn together. With this perspective, uncertainty becomes a little less daunting, and the path towards targeting, personalization, and relevant marketing becomes a little more fun. Enjoy these videos, and feel free to share your feedback and links to videos you like in the comments section below.