When a company first comes into contact with a new potential customer, the process of building a relationship is similar to dating. A company needs to make a good first impression and find common ground between its product and its potential customer’s needs. The customer must feel supported in order to continue the relationship, and the end goal is to build a relationship which lasts a lifetime. Marketing is not about convincing customers they need your product for a one time sale. It is about building these strong relationships; relationships which start with a first “date”.

The following are five dating tips which apply to online marketing. These tips can help you to build better relationships with potential customers and increase your conversion rate.

First Date Tip: Body Language Matters

Fifty-five percent of communication is done non-verbally through body language. Therefore when you are making a first impression, it is important to be conscious of the body language you are portraying. Online, your landing page serves as your first impression with your visitors. It portrays your company’s body language. Be aware as to what aspects of your website draw the most initial attention and check that the right aspects are emphasized. Smaller details on your website can serve to direct a visitor’s eyes. For example, when using images pay attention to where people within the images are looking. If the people in your image are looking up, a visitor’s attention will be directed above the picture. In addition, be careful when using stock photographs. Users begin to recognize people, especially across specific niches. You want to stand out to a potential customer, not blend in with the competition.

Second Date Tip: Don't Babble

No one enjoys listening to someone who rambles. On initial dates, one does not reveal every detail about oneself. Similarly, you don’t need to tell a potential customer every feature and benefit of your product all at once. People won’t read paragraphs about your product. In order to make the largest impact, share the most impactful information in a concise fashion. Your goal is to give the visitor enough information to entice them to click on another page. From there, you can learn about your visitor’s interests and make a more targeted offer.

Third Date Tip: Know What You Want

Sending conflicting signals as to what you want in a relationship can create road blocks when dating. Similarly, you can impair moving a relationship forward with a new visitor if you ask for too many different actions. No action will be emphasized, if all actions are emphasized. It simply becomes noise. Be very clear about your desired conversion action. Choose one clickable link per page, or de-emphasize all other links.

Fourth Date Tip: Don't Jump the Gun

Coming on too strong too fast can scare a date away. This principle holds true with online marketing as well. If a visitor feels like you are selling to him or her, they will leave. It is not about making the sale right away. It is about providing value to the visitor in order to build a relationship. As a visitor spends time on site, you can learn about his or her interests. From here, you can provide something of value based on these interests. In return, you can ask him or her to make a conversion action. This action could be sharing an article on a social media platform, or booking a demo. Just be sure that you are making a targeted offer after you provide value to a visitor.

Fifth Date Tip: Listen, Listen, Listen

Relationships are built on communication. In order to build a strong relationship, you must learn about the second party by listening. Online, listening to a customer consists of building a visitor’s persona based on how he or she navigates through your website. You can gather that a customer is interested in a specific topic as he or she navigates toward a content containing page on that topic. You can also assess the amount of time spent on specific pages in order to further understand what the visitor is interested in. Analytics tools such as Evergage can allow you to track visitor’s navigation through your website, so that your offers can be targeted to a visitor’s specific needs. Listening to your visitors and then fulfilling their indicated needs will allow you to build strong relationships, while also increasing your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

Next time you see a magazine containing dating tips, consider how the article could apply to your online marketing. After all, it’s all about building relationships. Relationships, not selling, allow you to capture the most value. If you would like to learn about more ways to build closer relationships with your customers, contact us.

Do you have your own tips for building strong relationships with customers? What strategies do you use to give your visitors the most personalized offer at the right time?