Are you headed to eTail Europe in London in two weeks? I’ll be there with several Evergage colleagues, and we can’t wait! This year the event is based in Westminster – next to the historic abbey and close to The Houses of Parliament, the seat of the UK government. If you are a first-time visitor to London, you will only need to take a short stroll to find yourself plenty to do in the evenings in the local pubs and bars.

As usual, there is a great selection of speakers and content lined up for the event, so it’s a good idea to do a little planning in advance to figure out which sessions you can’t miss.

If personalisation is an important topic for you (as it should be!), here are five sessions you should consider attending.  

Determining The Future Of Retail Innovations

This is a chance to travel forward in time with industry experts to see how humans and machines will come together to provide the optimal shopping experience of the future. The panel will also consider how we will need to move from a culture obsessed with data to one that is driven by insight.

If you are interested in teams, technology and customer experience, this could be a great session to attend.

Time: Tuesday 18th June, 09:55-10:20 AM

Panellists: Ed Whitehead, Dan Orteu, David Grunwald, Peter Jensen and Debbie Bond

Making Moves Towards Truly Seamless Shopping

Customers today demand a truly seamless shopping experience – regardless of the channel they choose to shop or buy from your company. When it comes to the omnichannel customer experience, the idea is simple: you’re appealing to one human, so you need to deliver one cohesive experience. If someone interacts with you in one channel, they expect that you’ll know about that interaction when they re-engage with you in another channel.

This session takes the approach one step further to answer the question – how do you turn your brand into a truly omnichannel organisation?

Time: Tuesday 18th June, 12:3512:55 PM

Presenter: Marc Dench

The Future of Loyalty: Reimagining Customer Relationships & Engagement

A classic definition of marketing is selling products that don’t come back to customers who do. This engaging session focuses on the second part of this equation: delighting customers after the sale.

Today’s consumer is typically looking for more than a transactional relationship with her favourite brands – one that rewards loyalty and encourages engagement at all retail touchpoints and channels including social media.

Looking at the LinkedIn profile of the presenter, who is the Head of Social Media at M & S, I am guessing that you may hear how this iconic British Retailer is using new techniques and technology to continue to innovate in the 21st century.

Time: Tuesday 18th June, 2:002:40 PM

Presenter: Lorna Springall

Get Personal – Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Your Bottom Line

Our own research shows that marketers continue to see strong, measurable results from their personalisation efforts. The majority (90%) see at least some lift, while more than half (58%) see a lift of 10% or more. Of those marketers using machine learning, 77% report a lift of 10% or more.

This ROI is translating into continued investment. The vast majority (97%) are planning to maintain or increase their investment in personalisation over the next year, and the percentage of those planning to increase it rose from 37% to 48% this year.

This session focuses on using artificial intelligence to deliver truly personalised communication at scale across multiple channels. This being the best way to increase long sales relationships that are highly profitable.

Time: Wednesday 19th June, 4:204:35 PM

Presenter: Imran Khan

Achieve Personalisation Through Automation

This session highlights an apparent paradox – how can retailers utilise automated machine learning to deliver personalised customer experiences that feel truly relevant to the humans on the receiving end?

The panel will consider how to use e-commerce personalisation in combination with more traditional marketing techniques like segmentation to improve the customer experience.

Time: Wednesday 19th June, 3:003:30 PM

Presenter: Andrew Morris

Speak With Evergage About What You’ve Learned

In between sessions, stop by the Evergage booth #B8 to meet with me and some other members of the Evergage team. Talk with us about how to apply what you’ve learned in the sessions to your own personalisation efforts. Either come by when you have time or schedule time with us in advance. We’ll review your site and deliver a free consultation with ideas on improving customer experience and engagement. We look forward to meeting you!