5 Ways Real-Time Web Personalization Will Help You Convert

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5 Ways Real-Time Web Personalization Will Help You Convert

June 15, 2014 by

Making a great first impression is not only important when meeting someone in person, it is also important when you are meeting a visitor on your website for the first time. You can make a meaningful first impression with your first-time visitors and build a relationship that drives engagement, conversions and loyalty. Here are our five must-have ways that real-time personalization can help you and your website:

1. No Activity- The visitor came to your website for a reason – but when a visitor is on your site and they can’t find what they’re looking for, they might leave and go to another site.  A great way to prevent this is to have a call-out message after ten seconds of no activity.  The message can say something along the lines of, “not sure what you’re looking for?  Check this out!”  After the visitor clicks on the message, it will bring the visitor to a page they were initially looking for. Sometimes a visitor just needs a little help navigating through your site, and you can help them along the way with a simple message.


2. No Empty Space- Let me guess, after someone watches a video on your site, the video turns into dead space.  With real-time personalization, there is never any dead space.  After someone watches a video, the area where the video ended will turn into a new piece of content. In our case below, a questionnaire.  This will get the visitors more engaged, and they will stay on your site longer. In addition, you can use that space to learn more about your visitors, and then tailor site content to them.     


3. Welcome Message- When meeting with someone in person for the second time, you wouldn’t treat them the same as when meeting them the first time. So why do that on your website? With real-time website personalization, your site can have a “welcome back” message when a visitor returns to your website. With this feature, you are able to show them a piece of content or product based on what they visited before – this will help move them through the customer lifecycle. And it creates a better experience for your potential customer – by not showing them a static web page and showing them what they came to your website for.


4. 30 Seconds- On the Evergage website, after a visitor has been on your site for 30 seconds, the visitor will see a message that says, “Get a Quick Demo or Read about Our Features.”  Since the visitor has already been on the site for thirty seconds, they are clearly interested in your company or product. By offering this information quickly, you make it easier for the visitor to access more information, giving them a perfect opportunity to learn more without having to navigate through your website.

5. Referral- When a visitor comes to your site via a referral, they might not know where to start when they first land on your website. When a visitor comes to Evergage.com from a referring source such as Twitter, they will immediately receive a message welcoming them from Twitter.  From referrals, you can offer special deals, information, or just a welcome message.  This feature allows you to give a warm welcome and help guide them through the lifecycle based on where your visitors came from.

With these five examples of real-time personalization, you can make your website your best consultative salesperson, and be sure to convert more leads and happy customers! 

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