Personalization is one of the most important concepts in marketing today. The vision is simple: in an ideal world, every brand experience would be tailored to the individual. Audiences would receive the right messages at the right time in their journeys. Web experiences would be seamless and tailored to each person’s preferences and browsing history.

To begin working towards this ideal as a digital marketer, how do you make sure that you’re taking the right steps forward and avoid pitfalls? Read the Evergage blog, of course! But don’t just take our word for it… here is some recommended reading material from personalization experts outside of Evergage to accelerate your learning:

1. 5 Incredible Examples of Personalized Marketing

Source: Pardot

What exactly does personalization look like in practice? The answer to this question can take many shapes and forms—there’s no single way to do personalization “right.” This blog post introduces some tactical examples that are gaining popularity.

Get a crash course on using dynamic content to personalize emails, landing pages, forms, and websites. Learn about techniques such as segmentation. Get ideas for how to better tailor your marketing.

2. The Psychology of Personalized: Why We Crave Customized Experiences

Source: HubSpot

This blog post shares timeless ideas that can help marketers reach their audiences on a personalized level. As the author, Erik Devaney, content strategist at HubSpot, puts it, “Personalization is like someone giving you a fitted baseball cap with your favorite team’s logo on the front and your initials stitched in on the side.” Learn subtle ways to win your audiences over by appealing to human psychology.

3. Understanding the Importance of Personalization in Digital Marketing

Source: Martech Advisor

When it comes to personalization, there is a wide spectrum of levels of implementation. Some marketing teams are sophisticated enough to have last-touch attribution models in place. Others are just taking their first steps, creating user stories and conducting their first persona mapping exercises. The goal of this blog post is to introduce marketers to foundational concepts such as testing, how to use data effectively, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Read (or skim) this guide to ensure that you’ve covered your strategic bases.

4. Personalization Is a Big Challenge for Marketers

Source: AdWeek

Despite the promises that personalization brings in the form of more efficient and impactful campaigns, companies are struggling to take the right steps forward. Kahuna, a marketing technology company, decided to dig into the reasons why.

In one survey of marketers, 36% of respondents expressed that they found personalization to be a challenge. The reasons? 85% reported that their audience segments were too broad, while 35% reported building a comprehensive customer picture to be an extreme challenge.

5. The Personalization Principle: How Technology Is Humanizing Mobile Marketing

Source: Appboy

Information overload is one of the biggest challenges in marketing today. Companies have far too many signals about their audiences to sort through. Meanwhile, consumers are overwhelmed with marketing messages. So Appboy published a blog post on how to bring humanity back to marketing.

The company has found that email and push marketing campaigns featuring personalization have at least a 27% higher conversion rate than those not using a personalized approach. The key is to create mutually beneficial experiences that are good for businesses and users.

6. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Personalized Marketing and Sales

Source: Bain & Co

A recent survey of US consumers and retailers by Infosys found that among retailers using personalized offers and promotions, 74% experienced an increase in sales; 61% experienced an increase in profit; and 55% saw an increase in customer loyalty. But the path to success with personalization tech isn’t always straightforward.

This article highlights common pitfalls that many companies learn the hard way. How can you make sure that you’re choosing the right data? How can you resolve potential privacy concerns before they have a chance to become an issue?

7. Marketing Personalization: Maximizing Relevance and Revenue

Source: VentureBeat

To explore what technology trends look like, VentureBeat conducted a marketing personalization survey as a landscape assessment.

Across the board, 70%-94% of respondents found an increase in various key metrics (the percentage varied based on what that metric was). The study also cites case studies from Microsoft, O’Neill, Alex and Ani, and Gamestop. Learn how personalization impacts metrics such as add-to-cart rates, monthly email revenue, and average order value.

8. Data and Tag Management: the DNA of Marketing Personalization

Source: MarketingLand

When it comes to building a personalization strategy, success often comes from the nuances. To effectively track and optimize campaigns for your target audiences, you need to pay attention to the underlying mechanics of every campaign. The key is to make sure that your tagging strategy aligns with your big-picture goals. This blog post shows you how.

Final Thoughts

For the majority of companies and marketers, personalization can feel like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Make every decision count by taking your most efficient steps forward. The decisions that you make now will have lasting effects well into the future. Know your options. The Evergage team is here to help. Check out our resources page for eBooks, guides, case studies, videos, and more.