Many of you subscribe to this blog by email and RSS.  Others got here because they saw a link on Twitter.  If so, you heard about this latest post out-of-context.  

You were in your inbox, feed, etc. just checking for status or trying to get work done.  You weren't thinking about Apptegic, customer engagement, or in-context messaging...and then here you are.   

I'm glad that you are thinking about us now, but how much better would it have been if I could have messaged you in-context. 

What Is In-Context Messaging

In-Context Messaging lets you communicate with your customers right in your website and web application. The messages can be:

  • Direct to a particular account or customer or
  • Targeted to customers based on their behaviors and business attributes

A marketing person can create the message, decide to whom it will be shown based on behavioral and business rules, and have the message display right in your web app or site as your customers interact with you .... all without help from a developer.  

9 Ways to Use In-Context Messaging

1. Finish that funnel.  Different message at each step in a funnel to move customers to the next step.

2. Get setup.  Encourage customers to finish the setup process with messages appropriate to where they are.

3. Use my key features.  "You've made great use of our document systems edit and spellcheck features, now try collaborating on this doc together with a friend"

4. Use these new features.  Don't spam everyone about your new features but encourage those who haven't used them to try them out.

5. Advance to Go.  Once a user has made frequent use of more basic features, give them hints about the more advanced features.  

6. Friendly reminder.  "Its been 3 weeks since you posted your last blog in our system, click here for ideas on how to get blog regularly and the benefits of doing so"

7. Personal touch.  You can use Apptegic to send a personal message to one user or to everyone in an account.  Thank them.  Point out something you were discussing.  

8. Upsell/cross-sell.  "Congrats on updating your Crunchbase page to show that you just got more funding.  If you are looking to hire, click here to visit our JobBoard."

9. Close the deal.  Suppose a customer visits 5 times over the past 5 days, spends 20 minutes looking at the same item, offer them a 10% discount to buy now.

Setting Up In-Context Messaging is Easy

First, drop 20 lines of Javascript into the header or footer of your page.  Your developers then take a few hours to enable your site/app to pass us the username, company name, and key actions that are important to you.  

Next, you watch as data about your customers and their engagement with your application starts flowing in.  Set up some filter rules to find customers who haven't visited in the past week, are at step 4 in a funnel, have/haven't used a particular key feature, are of a certain role, industry, company size, etc.... 

Then, set up your messages.  Choose the text, to whom you want it displayed, and where within your app/site and where on the page.   

With just these steps, you can open up a whole new way to effectively communicate with your customers.  

What now?

1. Read more about in-context messaging on Apptegic’s blog:

2. Contact Apptegic for a personal demo of the Apptegic OnMessage in-context messaging solution.