During the winter holiday shopping season, every challenge facing the retail industry becomes heightened. If competition for consumer attention is stiff during the rest of the year (and we all know it is), it’s even more intense during the holiday season. Not to mention, the stakes are higher. Every retailer is trying to drive shoppers to their websites and stores, and trying to convert as much of that traffic as possible.

Thus, more so than during any other time of the year, e-commerce marketers need to be focused on helping holiday shoppers find relevant products quickly and driving urgency so they decide to convert sooner rather than later.

NeweggFlash, the flash sales sister site to Newegg.com, has these objectives during each holiday season, but it also has an added challenge. As a flash site, NeweggFlash has a rapidly changing product catalog where limited quantities are available for a short period of time. Helping shoppers navigate the site to find products they’re interested in before they sell out is essential to NeweggFlash’s success.

NeweggFlash’s Holiday Approach

NeweggFlash, like most retailers, runs a number of campaigns dedicated to converting website traffic during the holiday season. Last year, it turned to Evergage to deliver personalized and urgency-driving campaigns across its site.

Some of those campaigns included: 

Surfacing Recently Viewed Products 

NeweggFlash noted that its shoppers often don’t return to items they had previously demonstrated interest in. To deliver a more easily navigable experience and resurface items shoppers are likely to buy, the team added “Recently Viewed” items to product detail pages (PDPs). 

With this campaign, shoppers could easily revisit items they had engaged with to make navigation and re-discovery easier — resulting in a 13% lift in revenue per user (RPU).

retail holiday campaigns

Promoting Relevant Stocking Stuffers

After learning that NeweggFlash holiday shoppers are often seeking “stocking stuffers,” the team decided to promote items under $250 directly on the homepage. With Evergage’s easy-to-configure custom algorithms, the site promoted products that matched the pricing criteria, but that were still relevant to each shopper’s individual preferences.

This simple yet effective personalization campaign delivered an impressive 40% lift in RPU!

personalization data

Catching Comparison Shoppers

NeweggFlash’s shoppers are interested in getting a good deal all year round, but they’re particularly focused on price during the holiday season when they have many people to shop for and a budget to stick to. What’s the first thing you do when you want to compare the price of a product you’re looking at on one site with another? You select the name of the product in order to copy and paste it into a search engine. The team noted this behavior and wanted to encourage these shoppers to stay.

To catch some of these shoppers before they left the site, NeweggFlash displayed a message to remind them of the benefits of buying through the site and of how many other shoppers were viewing the same item. 

retail holiday campaigns

Final Thoughts

NeweggFlash’s campaigns came together with a combination of research into how shoppers use the site, A/B testing and personalization technology. Think about what you know about how your shoppers use your site and the sticking points they experience. Brainstorm how you can use personalized experiences to help visitors shop and convert quickly and easily on your site.

To learn more about NeweggFlash’s personalization initiatives during the holiday season and beyond, read the NeweggFlash case study. And to learn more about how Evergage can help you with your e-commerce experiences, request a demo today. 

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