Good News! The days of “spray and pray” for marketers are over.  As is the “wait and see” approach to find out what’s working and what’s not with marketing campaigns. But just how quickly can you respond to market conditions?  Can you track and prove the ROI of a campaign that you want to triple investment in for next quarter?

The speed of marketing has never been faster. The demands and expectations are greater. Digital marketing is how we sell and how qualified consumers buy. So how agile are you today? How quickly can you change or modify a campaign in the market today? Months? Weeks? A day? Wouldn’t it be awesome to change messaging – or test it – this afternoon? Now you can.

Welcome to the world of real-time marketing

Unitrends, a $100 million leader in cloud backup storage, now can change messaging to different types of web visitors on their website in just minutes. They can message repeat visitors differently than first-time visitors. They can put up an offer for one day and then take it down the next. They can track how prospects move around the site – and message them when they stall.  In fact, at 5pm on October 30th they put together a Halloween message that went live at 9am on the 31st to coincide with their announcement about receiving a major growth equity investment from Insight Venture Partners!


Welcome to the world of real-time analytics

Do you have tracking and measurement in place that reflect how consumers are engaging with your brand? Can you observe the purchasing path of awareness, interest, trial, purchase and upgrade today? Do you walk the talk on test and control? If it was your money, not the company’s, would you have confidence to triple the investment in your marketing today?

Brainshark, a leading business presentation solution provider knows the value of measurement: the ability to track their marketing campaigns and know what’s working. "We saw immediate results with our very first two in-app messages deployed using Evergage. The first was a footer message to our users promoting an upcoming webinar that ran for two weeks and helped us generate a 30% increase in registrations for the event -- from 1,000 to 1,300 attendees." Andy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer, Brainshark.

Welcome to the world of real-time marketing, empowered by Evergage. Check out a 30-minute demo of this innovative platform and you too can be an agile CMO!