While mobile device usage has taken off in the past decade, the growth of the Android operating system has been particularly explosive. In terms of quarterly shipments, Android holds 87.6% of the smartphone market share. This year, Google announced that users of the Android operating system surpassed the 2 billion mark. That’s roughly six times the population of the United States. It is truly staggering.

Like many companies today, Evergage customers – from retailers and SaaS providers to financial services firms and travel companies – are seeing more and more traffic coming to their sites from mobile devices. So mobile is a critical component of their marketing strategies.

We are excited to announce that in addition to supporting personalization on websites, web applications, mobile web and email, Evergage supports personalization in mobile apps on iOS and – as of today – Android operating systems. This provides two key benefits to marketers: cross-channel understanding and personalized messaging to app users.  

Cross-Channel Understanding

Customers rarely engage with brands on just one channel, so it is nearly impossible to get accurate insights on each individual customer if you aren’t tracking their behaviors across channels and devices.

Evergage for Mobile Apps tracks the behaviors and actions of mobile app users and records these insights to each user’s Unified Customer Profile – in real time – along with the user’s behavioral data from website and web application usage plus attribute data from third-party systems such as CRM and email marketing solutions. With a unified view of each customer, marketers can more accurately analyze behavior across devices and seamlessly deliver personalized experiences in real time, regardless of the device or channel.

Personalized Messaging to App Users

Evergage’s in-app messaging capabilities empower marketers to deliver timely messages to users while they are engaged with a company’s app. The messages can be targeted to individual visitors or segments of visitors and can be customized to match corporate branding guidelines. From within the same interface that marketers use to manage their web, mobile web, web application and email personalization campaigns, they can create and deploy in-app messages – within a matter of minutes – without having to work through product development and app release cycles. This capability empowers marketers to drive meaningful in-app interactions that foster a positive customer experience.

android support for mobile apps

If you’re an existing customer or a prospective customer and would like to learn more about Evergage for Mobile Apps, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or request a demo. We’ll show you how you can drive your cross-channel personalization program with Evergage.