For many years, I used Google Maps.  Then along came Waze and I never looked back.  Why?  With Google Maps, I was navigating all on my own.  With Waze, the ambient driving data from all my fellow drivers was combined with their explicit feedback, to give me the most up-to-date and relevant navigation.  Google, recognizing the next generation was here, bought Waze.

What if you could provide that same experience for visitors to your ecommerce site?

I am thrilled to announce Evergage Tribes™. It's like Waze for your website.

When consumers are looking for a particular category of product, they can be guided to the right products by others who are like them.

When consumers are browsing, they can explore what others like them are looking at and buying.

It’s the wisdom of the crowds applied to your ecommerce site and it results in higher engagement and conversion.

Evergage Tribes is the world’s first and only solution for socially augmented shopping on e-commerce sites. The product extends the core real-time web personalization features of Evergage Platform and Evergage Promote with the unique approach of allowing visitors to browse products based on what other like-minded shoppers are researching, reviewing and buying.

Shoppers can browse by persona, interests or life stages via hashtags, such as #FashionMom, #NewHomeOwner or #ITGuy.  Evergage Tribes seamlessly leverages the behavior of others in their same Tribes to give visitors visual cues about which products in a category are the most relevant for them.   And, visitors can browse the products and categories of most interest to various Tribes, giving them a new way to discover products based on the behaviors and actions of shoppers with common interests.

For retailers, Evergage Tribes takes back some of the power from the Social Networks.  Why have your visitors asking their friends on Facebook or Twitter about what to buy, when they can learn from people like them right on your site.

Evergage Tribes on a Product Detail Page

This new, revolutionary approach to personalization will help increase new and returning site traffic, drive visitor engagement and conversions, and provide a wealth of insights gleaned from the shopping data. Evergage Tribes is a win-win for both consumers and online retailers!

Learn more in today's press release and data sheet.