Evergage’s vision is to make it possible for marketers to personalize the digital experience for each and every visitor and user.

Now this vision is achievable! I am excited to announce the launch of Evergage’s new Personalized Experience Management enhancement to our real-time web personalization platform.

The capabilities empower marketers to create targeted campaigns to personalize any aspect of a visitor’s experience – on a computer or mobile device – with targeted dynamic content. Marketers can also:

Edit inline content. Simply click on text and edit inline then target it

Group multiple messages and inline changes into one experience

Coordinate different targeted experiences into one campaign

Report clearly with enhanced Campaign Reporting

Leverage Evergage for all A/B testing needs – test the effectiveness of one experience against other experiences

Vary experiences based on persona, behavioral segment or test group

Making the digital experience the best for each person will make it relevant, meaningful and memorable for them; therefore, marketers can accomplish engagement, conversion and retention goals.

For more information, please read the press release.