We launched today as a Finalist at the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield.

It is far more profitable for a company to retain and sell more to an existing customer than to acquire a new customer.

Apptegic’s cloud-based service helps your relationship-based business keep and sell more to your existing customers by increasing customer engagement. Your customers are talking to you with every action they take (or don't take). They are telling you what works, how engaged they are, and whether they are ready for an upsell or at risk of churn. Apptegic can help you guide them to success with your business in real-time and help you improve the delivery of your product.

We are a cloud-based service that collects and analyzes business and usage data from each customer interaction. We score the engagement of each of your customers and use this insight to help you understand each customer more deeply, and respond to them appropriately in your application in real-time, by email, or in person.

“Know your customer” is one key to business. “Make your customers successful” is another.  But for an online business, your customers are interacting with your application much more than they are talking with you...and you hope it stays that way. So how can you know them and how can you guide them to success?

Voice of the customer, surveys, and Net Promoter Score are qualitative and occasional. Web analytics solutions don’t easily give you per customer insight or the ability to respond to each customer in-app in real-time.  Business Intelligence solutions canʼt handle the volume of usage data in real-time and they are about analysis for the business not personalized guidance for the customer. Big Data is meant to solve this but building your own Big Data solution is hard to do and not your core business.

Apptegic is bringing to the mainstream market what the leading Internet companies and banks are building with large internal teams.  Apptegic helps you to: (i) know your customer by combining behavioral clickstream data and classic business data on a per-customer basis in real-time (ii) guide your customers to success by messaging them in-application and helping them learn from the behavior and experiences of your other customers and (iii) (if you have named accounts, provide your Sales and Customer Success teams with deep per-customer insight.

Apptegic launched today at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC as a TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist.  We have been working with a select group of Beta customers over the past year.

With Apptegic, your business can better guide each customer to a successful outcome.  More successful customers are more likely to return, pay and give you positive social marketing to build your reputation.