[NOTE: This article was originally published on August, 2013]


What do Apptegic, Backrub, and Brad's Drink all have in common?

  • Well, for one, they are all businesses that rebranded!
  • Additionally, each of those original brands didn't do a good job showcasing the business' value.
  • Some were even hard to say... I mean is it app-TE-gic, or app-te-GIC, or something else?
We are very very proud of our company, what we have accomplished, and where we are going.  But, to be honest, we've never loved our name.
It's for those reasons, and more, we're excited to announce a new name and logo for Apptegic!  Starting today, Apptegic will officially be changing it's name to Evergage.
(By the way Backrub is now Google and Brad's Drink is now Pepsi-Cola).
We hope that you will find this new name as compelling as the people, vision, company, solution, values and customers that it represents. We do.
With that in mind, we would like to invite you to join us for a virtual "Apptegic is now Evergage" celebration webinar where we will:
  • Explain in 30 seconds why we are rebranding (Hint: It's just a better name) 
  • Share our vision for smarter communication 
  • Discuss some of the ways that companies are using our solution to better engage their customers. 
  • Play (relevant) party games (No alcohol required) 
  • Q & A 

Register here.

Looking forward to seeing you there and looking forward to the future of engagement!
- Karl
P.S.  What does this mean for current Apptegic customers?
  • Our new name won't affect your use of Apptegic at all. Throughout the rebranding, the product will still function the same.