Three Social Ways to Warm Up Potential Customers: ‘Cuz Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Warming up prospects to make connecting more graceful and relevant is a “value-added” activity. It’s hand touching prospects, not an automated activity -- but well worth your time. Here are some steps and solid information about tasks that will help you get cozy: 1. Make connecting more likely by "getting to know" your prospect. Build relationships organically by interacting socially first: Monitor their online footprint, social and professional -- see what interests them (and also who interests them) Get your toe in the water tactfully, just as you would at a party when you start an acquaintance Follow and share their content -- it’s give and take Share your own relevant content with them (e.g., in a personalized tweet) Comment, sparingly, on their brand content when you can add value Move toward intimacy organically and naturally, not in a pushy [...]