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Andy Zimmerman

About Andy Zimmerman

Andy is Evergage’s Chief Marketing Officer. He has more than 20 years of experience helping software companies launch products, drive demand, improve sales productivity and develop high-impact content marketing programs.

Cheers to Our Clients: Our Success is Yours

At Evergage, we know the way organizations connect with their customers and prospects can make or break the customer experience. With this in mind, we’ve invested over the years in creating the market-leading personalization and customer data platform (CDP), which enables companies to deliver relevant, individualized experiences however their audiences choose to engage with them. Over the past four years, our technology and team have won more than 30 industry awards. These are a credit and testament to our world-class customers, who drive us to push the envelope, and to our incredibly innovative and dedicated employees, who’ve redefined what’s possible with real-time, 1-to-1 personalization and customer data management.  We’re proud to share that in 2019 alone, Evergage has achieved the following: Won a gold (highest-level) Stevie® Award in the American Business Awards for improving personalization with artificial intelligence. This is [...]

Customer Data Platforms: 6 FAQs Answered

There’s been a lot of buzz around customer data platforms (CDPs) in the last few years. As a relatively new martech category, many businesses are still assessing whether they need a CDP to achieve their business goals while thinking through the role it should play within their tech stacks. Meanwhile, the CDP technology landscape continues to evolve — with new entrants joining seemingly every day. Each one has a slightly different take on the category, so it can be tough to get clear answers to questions you may have.  In this blog post, I answer a few common CDP FAQs we’ve been hearing.  FAQ #1: To start, what is a CDP exactly? According to the CDP Institute, a CDP is “packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems." The CDP is the solution [...]

Why You Need to Combine A/B Testing and Personalization

A/B testing has been a must-have for data-driven marketers for decades. With A/B testing, you stop making guesses about your digital experiences. Instead, you run tests and use real numbers to tell you what works and what doesn’t. But I would argue that traditional, one-size-fits-all A/B testing is a thing of the past. Let me take you through a simple, theoretical example to show you what I mean. Traditional A/B Test Assume you’re testing two different website experiences. We’ll call them Experience A and Experience B. If you ran a traditional A/B test, you may see results like this: Let’s assume the Y axis represents an important KPI to your business such as revenue per user, conversion rate, sign-ups, clickthroughs, etc. These results tell us that Experience A clearly performs better than Experience B. Knowing this information and assuming the [...]

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Why We Ungated Our Content & Results We’ve Seen So Far

A B2B marketing trend I’ve observed over the past couple years is the “ungating” of premium website content like eBooks, white papers and other high-value resources. Gating refers to the practice of placing a form in front of a piece of content on your site in order to capture the contact information of the person looking to consume it. Typically, these forms reside on a landing page that introduces the content and describes its value, serving to entice the visitor to “convert” – i.e. enter his or her information and become a potential lead. Ungating, as you might expect, refers to removing that sign-up form. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, if you’re a B2B marketer tasked with generating leads from your website and measured by your website conversion rate, ungating may seem like the opposite of what you [...]

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Why We Published a Book as Part of Our Content Marketing and Branding Strategy

We’ve all seen the images from marketing technologist Scott Brinker that show that the number of martech solutions have grown dramatically over the years. At last count, the graphic released last week included 6,829 solutions — up from 5,831 solutions in 2017, 3,874 in 2016 and 1,800 in 2015. The growth is truly astounding. As CMO of a martech solution provider, this doesn’t just indicate to me that we are facing a lot of competition for revenue, it means we are facing tremendous competition for mindshare. Content marketing is no longer seen as a nice-to-have tactic — by now, most B2B marketers are leveraging it as a fundamental component of their marketing strategy. So we can pretty safely assume that most of those martech companies are producing content and competing for the attention of largely the same audience. Meanwhile, personalization [...]

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Evergage Ranked #68 on SaaS 1000 List

Today we’re pleased to announce that Evergage has been named to the 2018 1st Quarter SaaS 1000 — ranked #68! The rankings take into account each company’s momentum, employee count and growth over the last 6 months. Tom Blue, SaaS 1000 founder, had this to say about this quarter’s list: “The SaaS Sector continues its high growth. In fact, it has increased. This quarter’s Top 1000 companies grew faster than last quarter’s list. Congrats to these accelerating companies.” Evergage has indeed grown tremendously, with revenues doubling each of the last three years!  We’ve added new employees across all departments with our ranks growing by more than 25% — including staff from our recent acquisition of MyBuys. We’ve also welcomed over 75 new clients across verticals, including Walmart México, Acceptance Insurance, Chef’d, Citrix, CLEAR, First Credit Union, Lenovo, Lottoland, Newegg Flash, [...]

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Don’t Forget: Sometimes Personalization Means Removing Content, Not Adding It

As marketers, we typically have a lot we want to share with our customers and prospects. With every new promotion, product launch, eBook release, etc., we have a new message to share across our websites, emails, mobile apps, and other channels. Sometimes that message is broadcast widely and indiscriminately, or, hopefully, it is targeted to relevant audiences and individuals using personalization. But such messages are almost always additive – contributing to the noise and clutter people face. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Personalization can and should also be used to remove content on your site and elsewhere that isn’t relevant to someone, to improve the customer experience. How does that work? Perhaps you have a version of your site that is hardcoded and generic for all visitors. You may use a personalization platform like Evergage to add [...]

How Real-Time Personalization Augments Marketing Automation

These days, more and more B2B marketers are incorporating a personalization platform as part of their martech stack. Why? Like consumers, B2B buyers are all unique. As humans, we all respond better to marketing messages when we’re treated as individuals by a company that truly knows us, as opposed to being treated like everyone else. And, as a result of the personalized experiences we receive from more and more sites across the web, we are growing to expect personalization from all companies we interact with. According to our recent research, 72% of marketers are personalizing their email communications – typically using their marketing automation platform (MAP). And 57% are personalizing experiences on their websites – which generally goes beyond the capabilities of the MAP. Also, 55% of marketers who aren’t currently using website personalization plan to do so this year. [...]

Relevance and Timing Are Everything When Converting First-Time Visitors

At Evergage, we frequently highlight the importance of being a true real-time platform – hence our tagline, “The Real-Time Personalization Platform.” Only a solution that factors all current session and past session data and responds “in the moment” with the most relevant information, offers and recommendations at the 1:1 level enables you, as a marketer, to optimize your chances of engaging and converting each visitor. Relevance is critical at all stages of the customer journey, of course, but in this post, we’ll examine why real-time is especially important when trying to convert first-time visitors. The Importance of the First Visit Like many of our clients, we rely heavily on our website for demand generation. One of our top goals is to provide value to our visitors in exchange for their contact information. To help us accomplish this, we strive to [...]

How We Made Your Content Easier to Find on Our Website

Have you ever viewed or downloaded a piece of content on a website and not been able to find it again? Or have been too busy to look for it? I’ve been there. And we know it happens to our prospects too. Like all B2B marketers, we want our site visitors to get the most use out of our content. If they can’t easily re-find a relevant piece of content, then we could be missing out on a lead.   So we rolled out Evergage SmartHistory to provide our visitors with an easy way to get back to the content they’ve viewed or downloaded on our site. But we didn’t just set it and forget it. We tested it to ensure that it was actually having an impact on our metrics. So what worked and what didn’t? What do we [...]

Evergage Recommend Named Winner in Best in Biz 2016 Awards

As we start to wind down 2016 and transition into 2017, we’re thinking a lot about innovation. It’s one of our core values at Evergage and a major element of our culture. We look to continuously advance what’s possible in the world of personalization and customer experience, and we strive to tackle challenges in innovative ways every day. Of course, many companies claim to care about innovation. So how are we different? At Evergage, it’s not just lip service. This becomes particularly evident when those outside the company acknowledge our innovations. With that in mind, I am proud to share that Evergage — for the second year in a row — has been named a winner in the Best in Biz Awards, the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. Specifically, our Evergage [...]