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Brian Rogers is former Director of Customer Success at Evergage. As head of customer success, Brian tackled everything from technical support, consulting with clients, and account management. Brian is a seasoned personalization and inbound marketing expert and has helped clients across industries build out their marketing strategies. While at Evergage, he was a strong proponent of Evergage marketing and pitched in to drive content across the blog, events, webinars, and more.

What’s Real in Real-Time Marketing? Part 2

Recently we asked the question, what’s the difference between real-time and relevant marketing and provided an example comparing in-session and email marketing. While marketers often – and erroneously – apply the context of real time to email, they do so with a great deal more frequency and fervor when it comes to social media. Which leads us to ask: Is social media real-time marketing? Social media certainly takes on more of a real-time context than email, as it is often represented by a live conversation between a customer and a brand. But like email, social media lacks the all important “in session” quality to make it effectively real time. Furthermore, social media is far more effective as a real-time customer engagement tool than is as a real-time marketing tool. Let’s look at an example. You are a marketer for an online retailer [...]

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What’s “Real” in Real-Time Marketing? Part 1

As digital marketers, we are guilty of throwing around the term “real time” rather callously. In fact, in most cases when marketers use the term real time, the context is really more like near time. On top of that, email marketers often use “real time” and “relevant” interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. Of course they do not, though real time and relevant are often in cahoots. The best way to demonstrate the difference between real time and relevant is by way of example. Let’s look at a typical consumer behavior as it relates to ecommerce: the abandoned shopping cart. Let’s say you’re an online retailer of ski and snowboard equipment and apparel. A customer is visiting your site, and after 10 minutes of browsing he places a snowboard in his shopping cart. Afterward he resumes shopping. But [...]

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Two Examples of Real-Time Marketing Reducing Churn

Real-time marketing is a very powerful and effective way to engage your customers.  By understanding what they are doing and responding with an appropriate message, based on their behavior, you can intervene and save an at-risk customer.  In this article, I want to share with you two real-life examples where real-time marketing reduced churn. The first example will be from one of our customers, SitterCity.  The second example will be one of Evergage’s very own success stories (we don’t just talk about real-time marketing, we also eat our own dog food). Automater Intervention at SitterCity is a website and community where babysitters can network with parents that need someone to babysit their children. They sell a subscription-based service for parents in exchange for the convenience of always being able to find an experienced and trusted babysitter for their children. [...]

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The 9 Biggest Customer Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

After months (if not years) of careful planning and development, you finally have a product that you are excited to take to market. You’re proud of the offering that you’ve created, and you’re anticipating a strong market response to your launch. Great! But if we know one thing to be true about customer onboarding, it’s that “build it and they will come” does not always happen. In order to attract, convert, and retain customers, you need to develop a carefully-planned customer onboarding process. Here are nine of the most common customer onboarding mistakes that companies make, and how you can avoid them: 1. False Promises If the public backlash from consumers over delayed Kickstarter projects teaches us anything, it’s that customers are quick to publicly express their anger and frustration if their expectations are not met. While it is expected [...]

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Should a CSM be Responsible for Upsells, Cross-sales, and Renewals?

Recently there was a good thread started in a LinkedIn group.  Someone asked about the relationship between sales and customer success and if customer success reps should sell or not.  I think this is a great question and I thought I’d share some of my ideas here.  I’m very curious to know what you think, so feel free to share in the comments below. The most obvious answer to this is it depends on resources.  If you’re constrained then you may very well have CSMs involved in sales, upsells, renewals, support, and possibly a slew of other things.  So, for the sake of this article, let’s assume you have the resources needed to set up your ideal CSM / Sales model. In the ideal model I personally believe you should consider having 2 different groups of CSMs. One group spends [...]

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3 Ways to Use Customers to Improve Marketing

As Marketers we spend our time focusing on leads – from how to get more leads to improving lead quality.  We’ll read blogs, look at data, and run experiments to improve our marketing efforts.  Often times though we overlook a very valuable resource right at our fingertips… customers! Sure, customers are great for case studies, and you’re already using them for that, but are you doing more?  What you may not realize is your customers are a goldmine for improving your marketing efforts.  You can learn from them, work with them, and use them take your marketing strategies to the next level.   Here are 3 ways you should use your customers to improve marketing. 1. Get your customers to promote you Getting customers to be advocates of your company is a powerful way to increase both the quantity and [...]

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Marketing Engagement Score – A Revolution in the Making

As the Director of Customer Success at Apptegic I spend a lot of time using an engagement score to measure customer happiness.  This single score tells me, at-a-glance, if a customer is set-up, using Apptegic, and getting value.  It’s a very handy metric that I can use to manage our customer base.  It doesn’t have to stop there though!  I recently started working with our marketing team to help them get just as much value from the engagement score for lead generation. Traditionally, when it comes to creating scores, marketers think of scoring leads.  You can use all sorts of information, from the number of emails they’ve opened to their job title and other demographics.  Scoring leads in this way can provide a ton of value both to marketing and sales and is not a new concept.  However, what if [...]

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Unpacking the 4 Keys to Customer Success

I am excited to announce that Apptegic will be participating in a panel discussion on Customer Success!  The panel will include experts at Customer Success from several organizations: Brian Rogers (Apptegic) Patrick Campbell (Price Intelligently) Joe Baz (Above The Fold) Jim Willaims (Influitive) Moderator: Curt Raffi (Metanga) While each panelist is an expert, they each have a different view on what drives customer success, which are: ·      User Experience ·      Pricing Models ·      Clickstream Analytics ·      User Community Join us on the evening of November 29th in Waltham or watch a live streaming broadcast of the event. We’ll start at 6:30pm with some cocktails and socializing followed by the panel discussion.  There are already 30 or so registrants (out of 100 possible registrations), so hurry up and register before we run out of space! I hope to see you all there!

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Customer Engagement Tip of the Week: Don’t Always Rely on the Phone

Using the phone is one of the most effective strategies toengage customers.  It allows you to develop a relationship, quickly resolve any challenges or problems, and make sure the customer is set-up for success.  That being said, there are two major challenges with using phones: The Cost A customer success employee can only have meaningful conversations w/ 10 or so customers in a day, meaning you’ll need one employee for every 200 - 250 customers in order to keep them engaged. Customer Response Rates  It can be difficult to get customers on the phone.  Your customer success employees can spend a lot of time reaching only to have a low response rate. Therefore, in addition to using the phone, your customer engagement program should also include one or more of the following strategies.  Not only are they one-to-many, which reduces [...]

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How Businesses Track Customer Behavior

 Tracking customer behavior has been a pet rock of mine since I started working in customer success several years ago.   I believe in a SaaS model it is critical to know how your customers use your software for several reasons: 1.     Know what features to develop 2.     Intelligently engage customers based on what they do 3.     Identify patterns in usage to find potential upgrades and at-risk customers 4.     Measure Customer Success / Onboarding Employee performance The question though is who should develop this functionality.  Is it something you build in-house or outsource?  I was curious to know what other companies are doing so I posted a poll in The Customer Success Management Forum (a great group on LinkedIn).  I have to admit I was a little surprised by the results. Why was I surprised?  Well first off I didn’t expect [...]

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4 Ways to Increase Sales with In-Context Messages

Before we dig into how to increase sales with in-context messaging, I want to quickly define in-context messaging. First I want to point out that in-context messaging is not SPAM.  In the past, websites would try to engage visitors by blasting pop-ups, expandable adds, and other gimmicks.  These methods simply clutter your site and have questionable returns as most people have trained themselves to ignore this kind of advertising. Instead, in-context messaging is looking at real visit behavior and displaying content relevant to what pages they’ve seen and actions they’ve taken.  This content can be displayed within a page itself or as a callout.  If done properly, in-context messages can enhance the web experience, not detract from it. For a good example browse to ourhomepage. Inside the image of the laptop you should see a message.  This message will change depending on how many [...]

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Customer Engagement Tip of the Week: Tracking Customer Behavior Makes Content Delivery Better

  Yesterday I was reading the Customer Success Management Forum on LinkedIn and someone asked a good question: “What are the most effective methods of delivering content to customers?” There were several good responses where people talked about leveraging a high touch approach for unengaged customers, to automated and regular emails, and even taking a situational approach depending on the customers.  All great advice.  However, no one talked about using customer behavior to effectively deliver content. While tracking customer behavior may not be a method for delivering content, it’s a critical component of many methods, which is why I wanted to discuss it.  So, whether you develop behavior tracking in-house our use customer tracking software, here are several ways it can help. With email, you can easily blast your customers, and this can improve engagement for some.  However you’ll also [...]

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Customer Engagement Tip of the Week: Is your engagement really an ongoing process?

Reminding everyone engagement is an ongoging process may seem like an obvious tip, and to a degree it is.  I don’t think anyone involved in customer success and engagement thinks you can stop communicating with customers and expect them to be engaged for long.  At the same time, in today’s world of scale and automation, I think we need to take a look at how you leverage technology and if you’ve really made engagement an ongoing process. As a customer success employee it is exciting when youcombine emails with in-context messagingin an automated fashion.  It’s a great way to communicate with customers at scale, meaning you don’t need to hire a lot of humans to communicate with customers.  It’s an amazing cost saver.  You can also automate campaigns over months, which means you can easily manage an ongoing engagement process! [...]

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