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Brooklin Nash

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Brooklin Nash is a professional B2B and SaaS writer with an affinity for GIFs.

AOV vs. LTV: Why Customer Lifetime Value Matters More Than You Think

Many marketing techniques are focused on increasing the average order value as customers convert on your e-commerce site. Bundling? Free shipping? Suggested items? They all work toward the same goal: getting customers to buy more with each visit, increasing the average order value (AOV). But what about increasing the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers? With modern customers increasingly treating e-commerce as a supplement or alternative to traditional retail, e-commerce owners and marketers need to find ways to turn one-time purchases into long-term relationships. It’s not enough to add $35 to a $100 order. Instead, you need to also encourage the brand loyalty that traditional brands often enjoy and the consistent “foot” traffic that traditional retail has long seen. AOV is about using real-time sales tactics to increase sales volume. In contrast, LTV is about delivering individualized experiences over the [...]

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Incorporating Customer Reviews into Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Even with the burst in popularity of account-based marketing, it’s become pretty clear that inbound marketing remains a proven strategy to attract customers. Blog posts, social media content, white papers, and videos are all classic examples of inbound marketing tactics. But what many marketing departments miss is the opportunity to use customer reviews as part of their inbound marketing strategy. When done right, encouraging authentic reviews in your marketing strategy can benefit both the inbound process and your business in general. Don’t believe me? Just listen to what Julie from Marketo has to say about the importance of authentic customer reviews: B2B buyers are definitely getting smarter — they want that unvarnished truth, and that’s what reviews do for us. It’s one thing for us to serve up a reference or a case study, but buyers intuitively know that those [...]

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