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Dave Parsons

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Dave is Customer Success Director at Evergage focused on B2B, gaming, and entertainment, with both a local and international customer base. Passionate about personalization, Dave excels at building strong relationships with our clients, identifying growth opportunities, and using Evergage to make clients successful. When he’s not working to personalize the world, Dave is a dad to three busy children, dabbles with cycling and running 5K's, and is currently trying to grow vegetables.

How to Minimize Time to Value with Your Personalization Campaigns

Let me set the scene. You’ve done your research and set aside the budget to invest in a personalization solution. You have many great ideas for personalization campaigns. What do you do next? The key to success is prioritizing your ideas with the fastest time to value. You don’t have all the time in the world to implement every campaign you could think of, and you want to make sure your investment actually pays off, so you need to make sure you pick the right ones to implement. Review your campaign ideas in terms of two key elements: potential impact and ease of implementation. Going after the biggest, hairiest campaign first is going to take longer, so it will increase the time to receive an ROI on your investment. Going after something simple and impactful is going to deliver a [...]

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How to Enhance Your Content Strategy with Personalization

We are a living in a ‘now’ society – we don’t like to wait for anything! Whether it is choosing expedited shipping to get our goods sooner, or sharing our driving experiences with others to collectively reduce our journey times. Why should your content strategy be any different? You should know the destination or end goal you want your website visitors to take – whether it is to sign up for a newsletter, download an eBook or spend more time on your site. Use the steps they are taking on your site to gauge their interest level, then you can create shortcuts to help them get there sooner, based on how others have engaged with your content or achieved a goal. Plan Your Journey It starts with thinking about your overall goals (corporate and marketing) and then think about the [...]

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