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Personalization Inspiration: How Top Brands Think About Personalization

The world is becoming increasingly more personalized. If you take a look around, some of the most effective marketing campaigns are those which cater the messaging directly to you. We define personalization as the act of tailoring an experience or communication based on information a company has learned about an individual. This definition presents a seemingly unlimited number of ways to implement personalization, so how do you know which direction to take your own personalization program?  Start by drawing inspiration from the way some top brands are thinking about and leveraging personalization. I’ve compiled a few notable quotes from executives at some of the most influential companies in the world as they discuss how they have successfully used personalization in recent campaigns. Personalization drives increased engagement for Spotify While known for its personalized experiences, even Spotify continues to experiment to [...]

How to Optimize Your In-App Messaging Strategy

Software marketers spend lots of time and energy finding potential customers, driving them to their sites and encouraging them to convert to leads or free trials and eventually become paying customers. But once a person or account becomes a customer, there may be a steep learning curve. Users will not immediately know everything about your product or service . Ideally, a customer success or support representative would provide every customer with personalized onboarding and be there to assist in their moments of need, but that’s not usually feasible. That said, users shouldn’t be expected to effortlessly navigate your app or logged-in experience without any assistance — that’s where in-app messaging comes in. With in-app messaging, companies can target messages to customers in real time as they use their product or service. In contrast to push notifications, which allow companies to [...]

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