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Eileen is the Demand Generation Ops Manager at Evergage, overseeing our finely-tuned database management, cutting-edge online and email marketing, and dynamic reporting. When she’s not at Evergage, Eileen is reading and answering questions on Quora, taking photos of friends, and learning programming languages.

Using Evergage to Enforce Consistent Messaging in Email Signatures

Employees across your organization send emails to prospects, customers, vendors, partners and job seekers every day. As a result, your employees’ email signatures are a reflection of your company. You likely already know this, so you probably have an existing template that each employee fills out with their own information and uses as their signature. This allows for consistency in all the emails sent by the individuals in your company. For example, this is Evergage’s template: If you’re like some companies, you also use the signature to provide some kind of marketing message — such as promoting an upcoming event, encouraging a download of a recent eBook, driving traffic to your website or blog, etc. For example, right now, our email signature look like this: Like most companies, that banner at the bottom of the signature is set by the [...]

Using Evergage for Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling, or the practice of using dynamic and iterative forms to capture additional information about your prospects, isn’t a revolutionary concept for B2B marketers. It’s been a staple of B2B marketing for years. The concept is simple: reduce the number of questions on each lead capture form across a website and build out profiles for individuals, asking different questions each time a visitor is presented with a form. This reduces form friction and increases overall conversion rates. However, many marketers are still hesitant to move to progressive profiling...and for good reasons! Traditionally, progressive profiling has been the domain of marketing automation platforms. This means that when you attempt to implement progressive profiling, you are often left at the mercy of whatever system you are using (you don’t want to switch over to another system and have your visitors start [...]

How to Power Google Retargeting Ads with Evergage’s Intent-Based Data

As a consumer, you’re bombarded by retargeted ads that chase you across the web, trying to lure you back to the very pages that you left. Whether it’s a product you’re just not that into or a demo that you’re not ready for, there are a multitude of reasons to move on. But as marketers, we try to find the one or more reasons to entice you back. On the Evergage website, we use the Evergage platform to identify visitor preferences and intent based on time spent on various pages and categories. However, while we have primarily focused on personalizing our site based on visitor intent, when it came to retargeting, we were using simple “pages visited” segments to determine which retargeted ads (called “remarketed ads” by Google) to serve. This introduced a potential discontinuity in our data that might [...]