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Personalization Profiles: Evergage Employee Spotlight on Sam Hajj

As promised in our last personalization profile, we reveal to you the man behind the magic at Evergage. He manages all of our site’s Evergage personalization campaigns. He is a loyal Game of Thrones viewer, Taylor Swift music lover, and an America’s Funniest Home Video’s finalist! Without further ado, here he is...Sam Hajj! Sam is originally from Methuen, a small town north of Boston, home to the Methuen Rangers and the Methuen Memorial Music Hall. After graduating from UMass Lowell, Sam heard from a friend about a budding startup called Evergage. Today, Sam is the marketing team’s resident Evergage solution expert and one of our longest tenured employees! He uses the personalization platform to segment and target visitors of Evergage.com using rules and algorithms just as our clients do. He’s also a regular contributor to our blog. Sam particularly enjoys [...]

Top Tips from Conversion Rate Optimization Experts

New technologies and processes in digital marketing are driving current conversion rate optimization (CRO) trends and best practices. To understand how both traditional and more innovative methods of CRO can be combined to significantly boost conversions, I interviewed three leading experts in the conversion rate optimization field. They offered some really insightful perspectives as you’ll see! Tim Ash: Don’t Be Lured By the Promise of Quick Gains Tim is the founder and CEO of SiteTuners and author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions. Tim hosted a webinar with us on the topic of personalization and CRO and kindly agreed to elaborate on some of my questions. Q: What’s the most important thing that marketers should know about developing conversion rate optimization strategies? Marketers are often blindsided by their anticipation of [...]

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Personalization Profiles: Evergage Employee Spotlight on Isaac Brower

We’d like to introduce you to another one of our esteemed staff members in our latest in the personalization profiles series, this time from the Sales department! For this profile we have chosen to spotlight a man who is convinced there is positive correlation between his dart skills and the number of deals he closes. Issac Brower was introduced to Evergage by his high school English teacher and started his career in Sales straight out of college. He is a lover of all New England sports teams, fantasy football (3x champion and >200% ROI), Game of Thrones, the Cannon in D, and real-time data. Isaac is a Boston transplant, coming by way of Maine where he grew up in Camden and attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick where he started and operated two food trucks! After leaving the culinary world in the [...]

Personalization Profiles: Evergage Employee Spotlight on Andrew Patti

We’d like to introduce you to another one of our experts here at Evergage with our latest “personalization profile” from the Engineering department! For this profile we have chosen to spotlight a man who wears many hats. Starting as the sole support engineer at Evergage a few years ago before becoming the software engineer he is today, Andrew Patti is a lover of music, Louis C.K., travel and, of course, all things technology. Andrew, originally from Trumbull, Connecticut, found his way to Boston to attend college at Boston University after a year-long hiatus in Shanghai. After completing his 4-year program and eager to put his physics degree to good use, he accepted a position with Evergage as the first and only support team member. Today as a Software Engineer, Andrew spends his days debugging and refactoring  code that isn’t functioning [...]

Geo-Targeted Offers Increase Engagement for Top Financial Services Company

When someone considers opening a bank account with a financial institution, there are a number of things they’ll typically evaluate – branch and ATM locations, interest rates and account fees, just to name a few. Knowing this, financial services companies would be wise to  utilize their digital properties to surface information that addresses common questions and creates a relevant user experience. In a recent article, The Financial Brand highlights the importance of accessing data to create a well-rounded personalized experience. Consumers are craving individualized experiences that add value to their online browsing. However, one of the primary challenges facing big banks and financial institutions today is how to create a customer experience that is personal and one-to-one. The Situation A top-tier consumer financial services company understood this need and embarked on a program to better segment its digital audiences and [...]

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Personalization Profiles: Evergage Employee Spotlight on Julie Hayes

In this new blog series, we will be highlighting stellar members of our staff here at Evergage --  sharing some of the people behind our personalization solution. For our first “personalization profile” we’ve chosen to highlight the Evergage den mother, designated snack buyer, office event organizer, and Customer Success Manager (her main job), Ms. Julie Hayes. Julie began her career in higher ed where she was a graduate student in Residence Life while she received her Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. The pursuit of an even greater depth of knowledge brought her to Boston where she enrolled at the Startup Institute and then found her way to our emerging marketing technology company in Somerville, MA. Most of Julie’s time spent in the office centers around her many SaaS clients, but when she’s not working you can find Julie at [...]

How Targeted Surveys Boost Customer Engagement for Apperian

Are your clients so happy they would refer you to others? When technology company Apperian decided to take a deeper look at their customer base in an effort to improve the user experience, they turned to customer satisfaction measurement mainstay, Net Promoter Score (NPS).  Using Evergage, Apperian was able to easily and effectively survey their logged-in users while they were engaged in their platform, generating a high response rate and direct feedback in real time. Apperian is a leading enterprise-class mobile application management and security platform for the delivery of critical apps to 100% of users across an organization. The company has helped IT and line of business professionals secure and deliver more than 1.7 million enterprise apps to a wide variety of organizations. With so many clients utilizing the Apperian services in a number of ways, the challenge became [...]

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Individualized Customer Experiences – That’s What People Want!

Have you ever had the following experience? You go to the ATM at a bank you’ve been using for years. You put your card in, and the first thing that pops up is a message asking for your “language preference.” You’ve been to your bank’s ATM hundreds of times, and yet they keep asking you the same question! Your bank tracks an awful lot of important data about you and your account, so why not use some of that data to personalize your experience at the ATM? Across the board, consumers are craving a more individualized experience. A recent report from Accenture states that among 20-30 year-olds in the US and UK, 73% prefer to do business with brands that use their information to make experiences more efficient. The information exchange balance, where consumers are willing to give up some of [...]

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