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Ideas and Strategies for Real-Time Personalization
Greg Hinkle

About Greg Hinkle

Greg is the CTO and Co-founder of Evergage. He leads our engineering team and oversees the technology vision for Evergage. Before Evergage, Greg spent years leading the development of Systems Administration and Monitoring products at Red Hat and developing major commerce and transactional sites at Sapient. He uses his experience in high-volume, real-time data analysis and open source software to help build the real-time marketing platform of the future.

3 Tips for Targeted A/B Testing

A critical aspect of successful personalization is the ability to test multiple experiences for different audiences and quickly identify the best performing option for each audience. Marketers can do this with targeted A/B testing, which lets you test customer experiences live and, once you have sufficient traffic, rapidly identify the most effective content, offers, messages, and more. Here are three of our top A/B testing tips to guide you to delivering successful personalized experiences: 1. Select goals carefully and examine results of all business goals when testing Choose metrics that relate to your business goals. When optimizing for one metric, be aware of the impact on other important goals. The purpose of a campaign may be to increase average order value; however, a campaign targeted at this goal could end up causing a reduction in conversion rates and have an [...]

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