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How to Score Higher ROI from Stellar Customer Experiences

Businesses need customers. Without them they don't have a business. Thus, it becomes critical for businesses to ensure that both existing and potential customers have a positive experience when interacting with them, without any delays or hitches along the way. Customer experience is a differentiator. It’s what often separates the good from the great. The interesting thing about providing excellent customer experience is that it can almost never be directly tied to ROI metrics.  But then why do major brands still do it?  Why do they still invest millions into customer service teams? Why do they spend time going above the status quo to simply make a customer smile? To understand the rationale behind this, we have to realize that customers are people with emotions.  Once you make an emotional connection with a person, the trust and respect you gain [...]

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Big Candy Bar Equates to Big Customer Experience

I love when great hotels offer nice amenities. Some include a newspaper in the morning, complimentary bottles of water, a piece of chocolate on the nightstand… You get the idea.   Notice I didn’t say expensive or fancy hotel.  I used the word “great.” Sometimes you don’t have to be expensive or fancy to WOW the customer the way expensive and fancy hotels do.     In other words, great doesn’t always mean expensive and fancy.  Regardless of the price, it’s the combination of the customer’s experience, which might include an amenity, and most important, the people that makes the hotel great.   And, it’s the same with any company in virtually any industry.     Any company can start to level the competitive playing field by delivering amazing customer service, a great experience and an amenity or two.  For [...]

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The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience

Guest blog post written by Shep Hyken I often receive the question, “What’s the difference between customer service and customer experience?” The simple answer to that question used to be that customer service formed the basis of the customer experience. A customer’s main interaction with a business was a person-to-person exchange, either by visiting a store or business, or by speaking to an employee of the company on the phone to place an order, voice a complaint, ask a question, etc. The company representative had the opportunity to deliver great customer service, thus providing a great customer experience. But, like most everything in today’s marketplace, customer experience has changed – it is much more than person-to-person service. Thanks to technology, companies can now connect with their customers in exciting new ways. It means you can do things like: Provide personalized [...]

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Avoid These Customer Service Mistakes

Think of the last customer service fail you experienced. You might think, how did this happen? Why did the company I contacted give me an idiotic response? Why didn't they answer my question? Or why did they (figuratively or literally) hang up the phone?  We've all made these mistakes. There might be many reasons - you might be too busy to respond fully, might not have enough time to research a solution, or you might just be having a bad day. Yet the impact of making a customer service mistake ripples beyond the immediate interaction, the immediate customer, and the immediate brand impact.  What do you do after you've made a customer service "oops?" Here are some solutions to help you catch yourself before you make such a mistake, or to give you tools to resolve the problem before it [...]

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6 Reasons You Lost a Sale on Your Website

When it comes to selling online, you don’t just want people to click on your store and buy something. The money is nice, sure, but that’s not the entire experience you’re going for. The better an experience you provide for each and every person who stumbles across your site the better off you’ll be…and the more customers will recommend your store and buy from it. This is called Conversion Rate Optimization. The higher your CRO the more optimized your site is for providing a “sales rich” experience. Basically, the more you know your customers and what they want, the higher your conversion rate, which means more money in your pocket. Unfortunately, there are several things you’re doing right now that are actively hurting your conversion rate. With a few tweaks you should see a big increase in sales and positive [...]

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How To Convert Visitors from Facebook Promoted Posts into Customers

When you post an update to Facebook there’s a good chance that only a very small percentage of people who like your page will see it due to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. Why Do Only a Handful of People See Your Posts? Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm determines who sees your posts in their News Feed and how long your post stays in the News Feed. It is made up of three major components: 1. Affinity – Affinity is how friendly your brand is with someone. For example, if they comment on your page  and you respond, Facebook will increase your affinity score with them and thus your posts will show in their News Feed more often. 2. Weight – All content is not weighted equally. Videos, photos and links all tend to be weighted more than other content and thus show up more often and higher [...]

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Why Most Companies Are Terrible At Creating Lifetime Customers

Businesses today are hyper-focused on growth in the financial numbers and customer base- Investors, owners and managers are all vying for an increase in new customers. If you’re wondering why, the reality is that a company’s financial health and valuation often depend on the growth metrics and momentum- they impact everything from the top down. More sales lead to increased revenue which allows for more hiring and development which leads to more sales and so forth. To aid in the aspirational growth, marketers and salespeople are often tasked with upselling current customers and increasing the customer base. At the same time, another metric being monitored is the cost per acquisition, where generally speaking lower is better. These core goals fit neatly into the paradigm of earning more and spending less. Though revenue and costs are expected to head in different directions, [...]

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3 Ways on How to Monitor the ROI of Your Online Marketing Campaign

Guest blog post by Alan Grainger, SEO Specialist You can have the best ads placed in the best locations on the Internet, but if you don’t know how they’re performing, they’re as good as useless. Marketing is an investment, and as such, marketers are often tasked with measuring the ROI of their online marketing campaigns. PPC, Facebook, Evergage, remarketing – all of these are hugely powerful elements in your businesses online marketing campaign. When you really put them to the test, that is. When your boss asks you how effective each campaign has been, do you know the real answer? It can be easy to get lost in the dashboard of your favorite analytics software. With endless graphs, charts and statistics, even the best SEOs and marketers can lose their way. But knowing exactly how each campaign performs is crucial. [...]

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How to Make Big Data Analytics Actionable through Smart Messages

According to IBM, “Everyday, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data–so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.”. The term big data is clearly an understatement that envelops all of the information gathering and processing on a macro scale. With so much coming in, a common thread is the need for actionable insights based on the inputs. For a business with an online presence, marketing and user behavior analytics are two stockpiles of information that drive a need for action. The data can collate itself autonomously with the help of a program, but the real magic is the human element that decides what to do in light of the reports. Without data optimization, money is left on the table through lost conversions and poor retention. Big data without insights and action becomes [...]

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The CRM of the Future: Data Curation and Predictive Analytics

How will technology enable businesses to leverage big data for predictive analytics and data curation? Guest post by Ashley Verrill, CRM Analyst at Software Advice. Paul Greenberg, 56 Group owner and CRM thought leader, told me recently that Big Data poses two primary challenges to business – volume and velocity. It's not just about the enormity of customer information available; it's the speed at which it's hurdling at you at any given moment He said in the last year, however, technologies that tackle these obstacles have advanced enormously fast. These services leverage data to help companies know what to do, how to do it and with whom. “A year ago, Big Data was perceived as a problem to be solved. Now it’s being solved,” he told me. My company provides reviews of CRM systems, and I contacted Greenberg to help me devise the [...]

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Personalize Your Marketing to Attract More Customers

When you engage your customers, do you get personal?  Once upon a time, marketing was a shotgun approach where marketers blasted their content out to catch consumer interest.  Nowadays, consumers have gotten smarter about marketing tactics and require more to gain their attention.  This has encouraged an emerging trend towards personalized marketing. By Steve Mehr, CEO of WebShark360 Personalized marketing is really about tailored content.  Depending upon your target audience, your content can be personalized to encourage more leads and convert them into paying customers.  Yet according to Econsultancy, 94% of marketers are not using personalized marketing.  Those that do use personalized marketing claim big gains with 68% of these marketers reporting a boost to their marketing ROI and 74% reporting increased customer engagement.  With such promising results, why isn’t this more widespread? Let’s face it; personalized marketing is not easy.  It can be [...]

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The Top 5 Barriers to SaaS Customer Engagement

The ability tocommunicate withcustomersis what drives the most successful software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies forward. Acquisition costs, customer churn rates and the profitability of your organization depend on how well you can provide value to the relationship and tear down the barriers toSaaS customer engagement. From the first touch-points to the last, it’s critical to track how perceptions, sentiments and engagements are shaping the very nature of your success, and to make decision in light of the information. Whether you’re just getting started or improving your current strategies and tactics, here are the top 5 barriers to saas customer engagement (in no particular order), along with some suggestions on how to reduce friction and keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more. 5) Lack of Communication –When customers are left in the dark fending for themselves, chances are they’ll be far [...]

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