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As a Sales Director at Evergage who joined the team in 2014 after graduating from Bowdoin College, Isaac leads the sales efforts in New York City and is an expert in personalization strategies for retail, financial services, and technology verticals. Isaac enjoys strategizing and collaborating to find creative ways to use Evergage to meet and exceed client expectations. He has been credited with bringing several leading brands into Evergage's community that are now seeing great success from the partnership and the platform. He is also known for his former food truck ventures and his crowd-pleasing, arm-heavy dance moves.

Debunking 2 Common Personalization Misconceptions

Most marketers believe in the benefits of personalization. They agree that their customers expect personalization and that if they delivered more relevant experiences, they would increase their bottom line. Yet many people I speak with are still providing static experiences to their prospects and customers. The most common responses I receive when I ask why are: (i) the majority of their traffic is anonymous and therefore personalization won’t be effective and (ii) they do not have the necessary resources to dedicate to personalization. These reasons may have been valid in the past, but they no longer hold up in the age of machine learning. In this blog post, I will explain how you can use everything you know about each website visitor, even if they are first-time and/or anonymous visitors, to automatically select the optimal experience in the most efficient [...]

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