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Justin Rondeau

About Justin Rondeau

Justin is a digital marketing and optimization trainer with hands-on experience in both the B2B & B2C space. After evaluating over 2,500 A/B & MVT split tests he's seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. He's made it his goal to inspire and educate more marketers to optimize their marketing campaigns via proper testing.

The Art Of The Follow Up: Turning A One Time Buyer Into A Return Customer

When a visitor makes it all the way to your cart they will do one of two things: complete the checkout process or abandon their cart. If they’ve abandoned their cart, you need to find a way to follow up and get them back in the checkout process. For those of you who still need to deal with pesky cart abandonment check out my first post detailing abandoned cart follow-up strategies. As for those of you who have successfully converted this visitor into a customer, read on! Congratulations, you got a visitor to convert and buy a product in your ecommerce shop! This isn’t nor should it be the last interaction with your new customer. In fact you are at a unique position to turn this buyer into a return customer. Following-up with buyers creates more touch points. By increasing [...]

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4 B2B Marketing Tactics To Optimize Your Efforts Today

There are so many great marketing articles, technology solutions, and advice out there, but it seems to only pertain to high traffic consumer focused brands. Where’s the love for the B2B marketing? I’ve spent my entire career marketing to marketers across relatively long sales cycles, so I know all the frustrations. Here are my 4 B2B marketing tips to get around these optimization hurdles. Know what each lead is worth All too often marketers are trying to get a page to do more than it is supposed to do. This couldn’t be truer for those in the B2B marketing space. Quickly ask yourself – what’s the goal of your lead generation landing page? If you said to get more customers, you’re actually wrong. That is the sales team’s job, not the landing page’s job. The real goal of the page [...]

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4 Clever Places to Increase Web Personalization and Conversions

Personalization is a powerful conversion-boosting tool that transcends industry and business size. It doesn’t matter if you are a small - e-commerce shop or a enterprise level B2B organization; personalization is necessary to get the competitive edge. Econsultancy just released a digital trends report that asked what are the most exciting marketing opportunity in 2015 and the next five years? It’s no surprise that web personalization was one of the top choices. When you have the power to personalize you have to find the best places to personalize and decide upon the personalization criteria. Today I want to show you the best places you can begin adding basic personalization to increase conversions. 1. Homepage When it comes to personalization, the homepage is a great place to start. Normally I avoid making changes on homepages and running tests on homepages, but [...]

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The Art of the Abandoned Cart Follow-Up

E-commerce sites either get the follow up right or screw it up completely – there is no real middle ground. Creating a stellar return path can exponentially grow your business. Now that CRM tools are an essential part of any online business, it is easier than ever to increase the number of personalized touch points with your audience. There are two main types of return paths that interest me: Cart abandoners Turning one-time buyers into multi-purchase customers In this article I want to focus on how to follow up with prospects that abandon their cart. Next week, I’ll have a detailed article about how to follow up with recent buyers and how to turn them into multi-purchase customers. The Hard Truth Let’s face it, people are always going to abandon your cart – this is just a basic e-commerce fact. [...]

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Supercharge Your Travel Site With These Optimization Tips

If you run a travel site you understand the role continuous optimization must play at your company. Change can be hard, so I know some of you might not know where to begin. Here are 4 areas you should evaluate to get the most out of your travel site. 1. Make It Easy To Start The Process Unlike other e-commerce homepages that try to sell dozens of products upon entrance, the travel site homepage can be hyper focused on an individual task. The best way to do this is to make the start of your process stand out. Here’s an example by a travel site in Croatia (source: Carmelon): This Croatian based travel site tried to mimic Kayak’s horizontal layout, but it isn’t really working. Unfortunately, unlike Kayak’s super clean layout, this site has a busier homepage. The horizontal form [...]

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Boost E-Commerce with Cross & Premium Upsells on Thank You Pages

The "Thank You" page is one of the most underutilized pages in your marketing arsenal and companies that get the 'Thank You' page right will see a major boost in customer value. If you aren’t using your "Thank You" page to boost e-commerce sales, you are leaving money on the table. Why Sell in the Cart There is debate around using cross-sells and upsells in the cart. Proponents of this method believe it helps increase revenue per visitor (RPV), while opponents believe it becomes a distraction leading to cart abandonment. On the one hand, e-commerce giant Amazon has no problem cross-selling in the cart. Take a look at all the other products they try to push on you before you proceed to checkout. Obviously, this method works, but this is something you have to test before implementing. Generally, cross-sells that [...]

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5 E-Commerce Best Practices for Your Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is one of the highest points of anxiety for any online shopper. This is the exact moment when they are debating whether the products in their cart are actually worth their hard earned money, whether they’ll actually receive their product, and evaluating any security risks. These thinking points are major distractors, so it is in your best interest to show value, ensure they are getting a reasonable deal, and give a sense of security without over stimulating your potential customer. That’s a hard thing to do, but if your cart has these 5 elements – they’ll be clicking ‘Order Now’ in no time. 1. Relevant Cross-Sells & Upsells Cross-selling and upselling are extremely powerful, but if they are implemented poorly, your conversions are going to tank. Thankfully you are reading this post on a site that specializes [...]

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3 Tactics Every CRO Marketer Must Use

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a research process with the goal of increasing your bottom line by improving your website. If you are serious about CRO, then make sure you add these 3 tactics to your everyday procedure. 1. Develop a Test Hypothesis Testing without a hypothesis is merely playing an expensive game of guess and check. To be frank, running the split test is the easiest part. Your success is dictated by the work you put into developing a solid test hypothesis. The hypothesis is the second step in your split testing process. First, you have to identify a test page, then you can start researching what changes will improve the page. Your test hypothesis should look something like this: I believe that changing A for visitors B will make C happen. Here’s a hypothesis in context: I believe [...]

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Your A/B Testing New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is here and I’m sure you have a little more room in the ‘resolutions’ department. Here are three optimization bad habits that you should break in 2015. 1. Stop Calling Tests Too Early Calling tests too early is the testing equivalent to eating junk food. We all know we should stop doing this, but it is just so darn satisfying. When you see your winning variation absolutely crushing the control variation, I know it is very exciting. However, the start of a test period is a very volatile time, the numbers will level out, and sometimes not to your liking. Here’s a screenshot of how volatile a test is during it’s first few days. Look at how much changes over time! Not only will volatility impact your A/B test in the early stages, but the drastic changes between [...]

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Identifying A/B Tests in Your Funnel

Test page identification is arguably the most important step in your A/B testing procedure. If you pick a test page that shouldn’t be tested, your results are going to suffer. The page you select for your A/B test should meet the following criteria: 1)   The page should have enough traffic to test 2)   The conversions on the page should be connected to long term goals, e.g., revenue, sales qualified leads (SQLs), etc. 3)   The page should be a "high opportunity" page, i.e., not your worst performing page If your page meets these three criteria, then you have a page worth testing! Traffic I’ve said it once; I’ve said it a thousand times: Not Every Page Is Testable If you have a low traffic page, it might not be eligible for A/B testing. So take a look in your analytics platform [...]

Conversion Rate Optimization Is Not A/B Testing

I feel as marketers, we’ve become a little sloppy with our marketing jargon! Most of these slip-ups are harmless, but there is one in particular that needs to be cleared up immediately: A/B Split Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) are not the same thing! Prior to the rise in A/B Split testing, often referred to as A/B Testing, Split Testing, Testing, etc., there was confusion between split testing and site functionality testing. Thankfully that verbiage mix up is well behind us with the rise in testing’s popularity. A recent study by RedEye and Econsultancy found that 67% of companies are currently A/B testing and this is the fourth year in a row that testing was the #1 CRO activity. So it’s safe to say A/B split testing has hit the mainstream. After the rise of A/B split testing, more [...]

Top 5 Website Conversion Killers – The Usual Suspects

If your conversion rates leave something to be desired, go line up the following suspects to ID your website conversion killers! Mobile Overlays I never thought I would add overlays to a list of conversion killers, but this is one of the most overlooked conversion killers. Numerous case studies have shown the power of overlays and despite all the flak overlays get from the community, they work. In this study by WhichTestWon, they found that overlays (when used properly) generate positive impact for marketers. In order to get around the annoyance factor, it’s crucial that you test the best way to trigger overlays via advanced segmentation. It’s pretty embarrassing to trigger a "Welcome" message to a customer who visits your site weekly. Since overlays have become a major marketing asset, many companies stick an overlay on their site without doing [...]