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Ideas and Strategies for Real-Time Personalization
Katie Houck

About Katie Houck

Katie is Graphic Design Specialist at Evergage, creating groundbreaking visuals, marketing materials and videos to promote our brand in fresh ways. Everyday she ensures that team goals align with the videos she develops, visual attributes she dreams up, as well as her outfits. Katie’s a true original at Evergage and it shines through in her work, what she eats for lunch, hashtags, dancing, and her approach to rock climbing.

Infographic: 91% of Marketers Use or Intend to Use Personalization

We're excited to share this infographic showcasing the results from our survey conducted with Researchscape International in 2015, Trends and Priorities in Real-Time Personalization.  This study examined the attitudes and expectations of global business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers surrounding real-time personalization. A total of 242 marketers from around the world, in a variety of roles and from companies of all sizes, were surveyed.