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Katie is director of content marketing at Evergage, focused on crafting relevant content and maintaining the Evergage blog. When Katie isn’t meeting challenging deadlines, chasing blog contributors, and driving content at Evergage, she is constantly reading, traveling, and trying adventurous foods.

Meet the Speakers You’ll See at The Personalization & CDP Summit 2019

The Personalization & CDP Summit 2019 is happening this week, and there are so many amazing speakers lined up to share their experience and expertise with our 300+ attendees. Let me introduce you to them. Main Stage Keynotes First and foremost, we have the speakers you’ll see on the main stage during the keynotes. Those speakers include: Karl Wirth, Evergage You’ll hear from Karl, Evergage’s CEO and Co-Founder, throughout the event on the main stage. Karl is passionate about helping businesses deliver maximally relevant 1-to-1 experiences. He’ll be exploring the connections necessary to better understand customers, deepen customer relationships, communicate with relevance, and work more efficiently as a business in his keynote “Connecting in the Age of Machine Learning” (the theme of this year’s event!). Sheryl Kingstone, 451 Research Sheryl is Research Vice President, Customer Experience and Commerce at 451 [...]

Demystifying the Customer Data Platform: 5 Things Your CDP Should Do

Forget about the marketing technologies you currently use or plan to use for a moment and just think about your customer experience. At the highest level, your customer experience is a factor of all your different data sources (that you use to understand your customers) and each of your channels (that you use to interact with customers).  The customer data platform (CDP) has emerged as the technology that sits between your data sources and your engagement channels. Its purpose is to take in and make sense out of all your data and then make decisions about how to respond. Evergage’s CEO and co-founder, Karl Wirth, recently presented a webinar called Demystifying the Customer Data Platform to provide a 30-minute primer on CDPs.  He described the five main actions a CDP needs to be able to take in order to turn [...]

The 8 Marketing Channels You Should Be Personalizing

It isn’t enough to master your marketing communications through one channel if your current or prospective customers engage with you in many different channels. And for most companies, it is pretty safe to assume they are. There will be four connected devices for every person in the world by 2020. There will be 5 billion mobile internet users by 2025. And 58% of total US retail sales will be digitally impacted by 2022 according to Forrester (in other words, some part of the shopping journey will take place through a digital channel). With so many channels to engage audiences, and with customer expectations growing by the day, the ability to recognize and respond to a single person is critical to future marketing success. Of course, you can and should personalize any channel in which you interact with customers. But these [...]

How to Use Qualitative Research to Kickstart Your Segmentation Process

Segmentation is all about grouping people together based on shared traits, and it plays a critical role in helping a company better understand and respond to its customer base.  Companies often use segments to identify the needs of one customer group over another to help them figure out their target markets and refine their messaging. They use them to understand the differences between people that convert on their sites and those that don’t in order to identify tactics that will drive more engagement or conversions. They use them to deliver different experiences (website messaging, email copy, etc.) to different groups of people. And much more. But how do you decide which segments to create and use in your organization? Some segments may immediately come to mind for you: you want to look at enterprise vs. small business prospects, shoppers from [...]

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Identity Is the Foundation of Modern Marketing: How to Get Started

The era of mass marketing is long over. Marketers today are looking to understand their customers at the individual level and respond to them with relevant information or experiences.  But in a multi-device world where one customer can interact with a company multiple times across multiple channels within one single journey, understanding the identity of each individual is essential.  To address this topic, we recently hosted a webinar entitled “Understanding Customer Identity Across Channels,” presented by Carter Bradford, President of Precocity, and Matt Thompson, Senior Director of Partnerships at Evergage. In the webinar, Carter provided this definition of identity resolution:  Identity Resolution is the process of connecting all consumer identifiers, both online and offline, to a single individual. Be sure to watch the full webinar replay to learn more about what identity resolution is, the challenges marketers face as they [...]

A Look into NeweggFlash’s Holiday Campaigns that Drove up to a 40% Lift in RPU

During the winter holiday shopping season, every challenge facing the retail industry becomes heightened. If competition for consumer attention is stiff during the rest of the year (and we all know it is), it’s even more intense during the holiday season. Not to mention, the stakes are higher. Every retailer is trying to drive shoppers to their websites and stores, and trying to convert as much of that traffic as possible. Thus, more so than during any other time of the year, e-commerce marketers need to be focused on helping holiday shoppers find relevant products quickly and driving urgency so they decide to convert sooner rather than later. NeweggFlash, the flash sales sister site to Newegg.com, has these objectives during each holiday season, but it also has an added challenge. As a flash site, NeweggFlash has a rapidly changing product [...]

Why Is Omnichannel Important: Experts Weigh In

Have you ever heard someone use so many buzzwords your brain feels like it’s going to explode? “We’ve got to reach our digital native, Gen Z audience with snackable content. And we need to leverage AI across the entire buyer’s journey to deliver sufficient value-add. But we need to be transparent. And data-driven. And customer-centric. Any low-hanging fruit here? Let’s ideate.” Buzzwords are often so overused they become clichés. Yet most buzzwords became popular terms in the first place because they represent a real trend worth exploring. Take omnichannel for example. Whenever I hear “omnichannel” in a laundry list of other buzzwords, I can’t help but roll my eyes. But the truth is we live in a world with more communication channels than ever before. Customers and business buyers expect to be able to communicate with everyone in their lives, [...]

How to Create an Effective Pop-Up Message

When I hear the term “pop-up message,” I’m immediately brought back my early days using the internet where ubiquitous pop-up ads were a constant nuisance. It was only a matter of time before pop-up blockers became must-haves to save us from the clutter. I think we can all agree that (thankfully) the internet has come a long way since then. Pop-ups may occasionally carry a negative connotation, but marketers continue to use them to convey messages and drive action on their websites. When done well, a pop-up message can be an effective way to catch someone’s attention. But proceed with caution — because when done poorly, a pop-up can create a bad experience that annoys visitors and drives them away.    In this post, I’ll get into the tactics of building a successful pop-up message that informs rather than annoys. This [...]

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Innovations in B2B Marketing: Demand Generation Trends to Watch

Think for a second about how you conduct research as a business buyer. Would you say it’s dramatically different from the way you conduct research as a consumer? If I were shopping for a new martech solution for the Evergage marketing team to use, for example, I’ll probably either start with a Google search, or I’d go directly to a few vendor sites that were already top-of-mind for me. And if I were shopping for a new ceiling fan for my living room, I’d either start with a Google search or go directly to the Home Depot or Lowes website. In other words, I’d approach my research in a very similar way. Of course, there will be a few key differences in how I think about making a business vs. personal purchase, but I don’t fundamentally change who I am [...]

6 Ways to Create a Great First Touchpoint Experience

We’ve all heard the saying “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” But how many companies successfully employ this concept when presenting their brand or products to customers for the first time? Your brand creates expectations for your customer – it defines who you are, how you separate yourself from others, and what value you can offer to your customers. These expectations assure your customers that what they expect will be what they actually experience. By designing and controlling your first touchpoint experience with customers, you can grab attention and encourage potential customers to keep engaging with you beyond their first interaction. Here are six ways to ensure your first touchpoint experience with customers is a positive one. 1. Make your message clear I can’t say how many times I’ve struggled to understand what a [...]

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Getting Personalization Right Is a Data Challenge

What does “getting personalization right” look like? It’s a more complex question than you might think. No two businesses are the same, and every company’s customer base is different. To top it all off, customer expectations are always changing, so an experience customers once appreciated may lose its effectiveness over time. Last week, Evergage hosted a webinar, “Retail Holiday Season Planning: The Role of Data, AI and Personalization.” Sucharita Kodali (VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester) together with Yujin Kim and Angela Yun (Merchandising Managers at NeweggFlash) discussed challenges and opportunities facing the retail industry and offered campaign ideas retailers can use this holiday season. Watch the full webinar replay for their perspectives and tips. But beyond the retail-specific focus of the webinar, Sucharita noted that when she’s asked which companies are doing personalization well, what they’re really asking is [...]

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Marketing’s 3 Biggest Paradigm Shifts: A Deep Dive

The world of marketing is always changing. It has to. As buyer expectations shift while technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, marketing cannot stand still. If you’re in marketing, think about your career for a minute. Could you have predicted you would be doing what you’re doing now at the start of your career? Did your job even exist several years ago? There are many ways that marketing has evolved over the years, but I think there are three key paradigm shifts that have driven that change. I’ll explore them in this blog post. Paradigm Shift #1: From One-Size-Fits-All to Individualized Customer Connections Historically, marketing was all about reaching the largest audience possible with the same experience. TV ads, print ads, billboards, etc. were the tactics employed by mass marketers of the past. But the dream of individualized [...]

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