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Logan Goulett

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As an experienced digital marketing strategist and passionate intrapreneur, Logan takes pride in building exceptional client partnerships as Customer Success Manager at Evergage. With a global portfolio spanning multiple industries, Logan empowers her clients to radically transform their digital presences and user experiences. When she's not pouring over her clients' strategic roadmaps and campaign analytics, she's wandering through small New England towns in search of the next best lobster roll and improving her skills on the potter's wheel. She's been to almost every national park (you're next Arcadia!) and is thrilled to be part of the future of digital marketing.

Follow the Data: Personalization Beyond the Homepage

With personalization transforming the business landscape and being top of mind for so many marketers, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are eager to develop or advance their personalization strategies. As part of the Customer Success team at Evergage, I’m on the front lines of my clients’ personalization journeys, helping them chart the course for their digital transformations. While there’s no right or wrong way to begin this journey, when many clients first get started, they jump at the opportunity to optimize their homepages before tackling any other part of their site.   It sounds like an intuitive strategy, right? I thought so too when I first joined Evergage. But in analyzing the pages in which visitors first enter my clients’ sites, we often observe that a significant — if not majority — amount of incoming traffic arrives [...]

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