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Clicks Lie: Why You Need Engagement Data for E-Commerce Personalization

Think about the last time you researched something you were looking to buy online. How many different sites did you visit? How many product pages did you browse? How long did it take from the beginning of your search to the end? Now think about all the data that was generated by your activity. Ideally, an innovative online retailer would collect and interpret all of this data, figure out what [...]

How to Use Social Proof Without Asking Your Customers to Do Anything

Purchasing something online is inherently risky. You can’t see or touch the product you buy. Instead, you have to rely on images and product descriptions to help you find what you’re looking for. If you’ve chosen incorrectly, you won’t find out until the product arrives, sometimes several days later. To help shoppers feel more confident in their decisions and make the choice to buy, many retailers provide “social proof” – validation based on others’ opinions and actions. The most common forms of social proof are ratings, reviews and, more recently, Q&A sections. These features allow shoppers to get more information from others who have purchased the product, which is incredibly valuable to researching visitors. Yet all of these forms of social proof require input from shoppers. They don’t exist until a shopper has purchased a product and then decided to [...]

The Importance of Email Open Times in Email Marketing

Long gone are the days when a consumer would get excited about receiving a new email. The Radicati Group estimates that this year, the number of emails sent and received per day will total over 215.3 billion. This massive number is expected to grow at an average rate of 4.6% over the next four years. With consumers accessing this large volume of emails across multiple devices and email accounts, there is clearly a lot of distraction in the space. Marketers need to make sure their emails stand out against all the other emails competing for attention.   According to Infosys, 59% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decisions. Meanwhile, half of respondents to a Retail Touchpoints/Magnetic survey say that they have received emails from retailers with irrelevant information. It’s pretty clear that ensuring that marketing emails are relevant [...]

The Truth Behind Attribution Reporting

When thinking about marketing attribution and ROI measurement, many marketers tend to get a little anxious. As a marketer, you are spending a tremendous amount of time and budget to drive people to your websites and apps, engage them while they are there, and encourage them to return. Isolating the impact of one single campaign or tactic within all this effort is understandably difficult. Yet without accurate attribution reporting on each of your marketing campaigns, you can’t fully justify your marketing budget. You can’t understand which investments are paying off and which are not worth your time. And you can’t determine the best path toward continued growth.   To help make marketers’ lives easier when it comes to attribution, many optimization tools (such as email platforms, search and recommendations engines, A/B testing tools, etc.) will include some form of attribution [...]

How to Personalize E-commerce Site Search Results for Each Shopper

With market fragmentation on the rise and shopper loyalty on the decline, retailers are always looking for new and creative ways to empower shoppers with great user experiences — particularly the ability to find information quickly. One area that is often neglected in the consumer journey is on-site search. And this is a huge oversight. Econsultancy found that up to 30% of site visitors use e-commerce site search during their shopping journeys, and that conversion rates for those that use site search can be up to 50% higher than average. One way to improve your e-commerce site search for shoppers is to personalize the experience for each visitor, making it as relevant as possible. But what does it mean to personalize search? Follow these tips to make your e-commerce site search capabilities more robust to eliminate friction and influence shopping [...]

3 Essential Tactics for Amping up Holiday Sales

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, but it can be even more stressful for retail marketers. According to the National Retail Federation, 20-40% of retailers’ entire yearly sales occur over the holiday season. So in addition to cleaning the house, prepping for guests and picking out the perfect gifts for loved ones, retail marketers also need to worry about optimizing their company’s efforts to drive more conversions than any other time of the year. Fret not though: here are the three biggest trends and tactics you can use to ensure your brand stands out on the digital shelves this year: Geolocation. Omnichannel brands use geolocation to better connect with customers while they’re shopping. For example, you can use geolocation to deliver timely mobile messages to consumers, and even guide them to in-stock items at your nearest [...]

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Holiday Sales Success

The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is just days away, and with that looms the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. There’s been much debate this year as to whether we’ll see the shopper frenzy and wild mobs of Black Fridays past, or if shoppers are over the scuffle and shuffle, and plan to spread out their purchases or rely on online transactions. No matter how it plays out, you need to be prepared to make the most of every visitor that lands on your site next weekend. Here are five tips to make sure you’re ready: 1. Create Consistent Messaging Across Channels First and foremost, before assessing which specific channels to emphasize, make sure the messaging and experience you deploy across touchpoints is unified. You want to provide visitors with a personalized, relevant and consistent experience so they [...]