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Seen at 2015: Rue La La’s Personalization Strategy

Personalization is changing the face of digital marketing as we know it. Informed consumers expect a unique experience across all touchpoints. Anticipating what shoppers will be interested in can be difficult, but what if you could increase conversions and website or app “stickiness” by tailoring the experience for each visitor based on their expressed or implied interests? At the Digital Summit 2015, our client, Molly Baab, VP of Product Management at fashion e-retailer Rue La La, shared first-hand experience and insight into how they are customizing one-to-one experiences for their users in real time, using extensive testing to cultivate messages, formats and layouts that engage customers. This doesn’t have to be difficult, Molly explained. In her talk, she shared six tips with the audience on how to get started with personalization: 1. Build a vision for the future, but start [...]

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Top trends from eTail East 2015

It was a big week for retail and e-commerce here in Boston at eTail East August 11-12! The theme was “Transforming Retail. Together.” Hundreds of the industry’s innovative digital retail marketers and e-commerce executives came together in our hometown to discuss how they can shape the future of their brands across channels. Here were some of the top trends: We’re living in a multi-device world. Consumers today eat, sleep, work and play using several digital devices.  Connect with shoppers by understanding their individual behaviors across channels to cater to their needs no matter the device. It’s all about that data. Data is central to shaping experiences that help consumers buy. Use your current data to structure experiences that help customers shop and leverage customer data (purchase data, behavioral data, etc.) to encourage them to become repeat buyers. Personalization is a [...]

Survey Findings: Trends & Priorities in Real-Time Personalization

As online channels have become a pillar of the modern marketplace, tailoring the customer experience to reflect personal preferences and past interactions has become a key strategy for B2B and B2C organizations looking to stand out from the competition. To better understand this strategy, Evergage in conjunction with Researchscape surveyed 242 individuals about their attitudes and expectations toward real-time personalization. Respondents hailed from a range of industries and held a variety of marketing or line-of-business titles. Some of the key research findings: - Real-time personalization is a digital marketing imperative: 91% of marketers currently use or intend to use personalization within the next year - Marketers feel personalization is very important to their initiatives: 1 in 2 (49%) plan to increase their budgets for personalization - 51% of organizations have personnel dedicated to working on personalization programs - The greatest obstacles to the successful [...]

Have You Read a Good Website Lately?

When was the last time you read a good book? One you couldn’t put down? If you are like me, it’s been a while. It’s a struggle to read all of my email in between work and raising a family. But it’s easy to recall how much a great story can capture the imagination. I remember as a child being captivated by Roald Dahl books like James and the Giant Peach. It’s amazing to think how many children today are still enjoying that book, as popular today as ever. “But wait,” you’re thinking to yourself, “Isn’t this a blog about real-time marketing?” Well yes it is. Have you ever considered how much your website is like a great novel or bestseller? Think about it. Every good book can be described as having a captivating beginning, an engaging middle, and a [...]

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