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Matt Quinn

About Matt Quinn

Matt is a Software Engineer at Evergage, focusing on SmartSearch, email campaigns, UI enhancement, and operations (the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the platform running). He is passionate about building great software that makes the goal of real-time one-to-one personalization a reality. Matt is working on the general beautification of the Evergage UI and the rollout of our email campaigns feature, which allows the same sort of personalized messaging that our web campaigns allow. Outside of work, Matt is an avid martial artist, training and teaching a few times a week. He also plays drums, and video games… a lot of video games.

How to Add and Test Dynamic Open-Time Content to Your Emails

At Evergage, we’re doing some pretty amazing things – dare I say magical – with email. Just by inserting a few lines of HTML code from Evergage into an email campaign, marketers can transform an otherwise simple email to one that’s truly personalized for each and every recipient. In my last post on the Evergage blog, I wrote about how to send one-to-one product recommendations in emails that update automatically at open time. These real-time updates allow marketers to provide the most relevant recommendations that reflect any price changes, out-of-stock inventory, and the latest behaviors or preferences of their shoppers. In this post, I want to illustrate how dynamic open-time emails can include personalized aspects that go beyond traditional product recommendations with a concept we call “promotions.” What are promotions? A “promotion,” in Evergage, is any static image – such [...]

Use Machine Learning for Email to Add Open-Time Dynamic Recommendations

When someone opens an email from you, you have precious little time to engage him before he decides what to do with that message. Either he will click through and visit your site, or he will dismiss the message. Machine learning helps guarantee that what you put in front of each person is relevant to that individual based on his or her affinities and intent. Displaying that content dynamically at open time ensures that your message remains relevant regardless of when your recipient chooses to view it. While historically, email has been limited to static content or content personalized at send time, a recent Evergage blog post illustrated why providing real-time email content should be important to all email marketers. In this article, I’ll cover how to do this for one sample use case — injecting open-time dynamic product recommendations [...]